No one can ignore the importance of Sweet and delicious Apples. Here we are presenting some useful best tips and remedies with Apples to have the marvelous benefits of apples.

Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Apple

Apple – Best to Treat Red Eye

Peel off a circular slice of apple and place it on painful red eye. Cover the eye with a cotton cloth piece and tie it. The best tip to cure for red eye and pain.

Apple – Best for Headache

Early in the morning peel off 1 or 2 apples and sprinkle salt over it. You should chew it properly and eat it with an empty stomach. Continued use for 3-4 days will remove any kind of serious headache.

Apple – Best for Strong Brain to Treat Permanent Flu

Nowadays we find more people with weak brain and low memory due to permanent flu. Weak brain by 80% from them is the main cause for this. Any medication does not work for them until to strengthen the brain. Here we are presenting the best food tip to get a strong brain. Just eat fine quality 1 or 2 apples 10 minutes before having your breakfast without peel off it. Within 25-30 days continued use of apples permanently removes Permanent Flu and strengthens your brain naturally.

Apple – Best for Dry Cough

Mash a ripe apple then compress it’s juice add natural sugar in equal quantity of juice. Drink it with an empty stomach. Continued use for few days best remedy to get rid from dry cough.

Apple – Best for Body Building and Healthy Skin

Continued use of 3-4 apples and after eating apples drinking milk for 1-2 months, the best tip to improve your body health and you will have glowing skin positively. Strengthen your overall body muscles too. In short if you want to get the complete benefits of your daily meal add this tip in your list.

Apple – Best to Remove Thirst

Add 1 glass of water in 4-5 tablespoons pure apple juice and drink it. The best tip to decrease your thirst level. Apple – Best to Improve Immune System and Best Health The best tip to improve immune system and stamina. Peel off one ripe apple pinch cloves over all the apple. After one week pluck out all the cloves and keep them in a glass bottle. Take 4-6 cloves daily with an empty stomach. You will must feel better within few days.

Apple – Best Anti-Aging Face Pack

Blend 1 small size Green Apple in ¼ cup of Goat Milk and make a paste. Your face pack is ready, apply this paste on your face for 20-25 minutes. Wash your face with normal water. The best tip to have younger looking.

Apple Seeds - Cracked Heels

Make a paste with apple seeds and pumpkin seeds . Apply this paste on affected area and wear soaks. Leave it overnight next morning you will find your heel with a magical change with soft and beautiful heels.

Apple Seeds - Cracked Painful Lips

Make a smooth paste with apple seeds as required. Apply this paste on your cracked lips overnight. You will be find soft and pink lips without any sign of crack and painful lips in the next morning.
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