Immature green coconut water is full with minerals and best Nature’s sports and enhancer drink. Coconut water packed in bottles shelf life is about 24 months, best energy drink for all ages. Use of coconut water by intravenous can save injured patient’s life. A coconut can have approximately 200-1000 ml water in it. Here we have a list of health and beauty benefits of coconut water for your better health and beauty.

Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Coconut Water

    • Natural sugars, electrolytes (sodium,Potassium) and other minerals in coconut water is best source to cover lack of these all in our body.
    • Coconut water is very much effective to treat Ascites problem naturally. Ascites cuases swelling in the stomach due to fluid accumulation which also effects on kidneys function. Daily give at least 2 glasses of coconut water to the patient  it can improve the functioning of the kidney and help to drain out ascites naturally. Also reduces the harmful effects of fluid.
    • A study proves that Cytokinins in coconut water is best anti-aging, anti carcinogenic and anti thrombotic. Vitamin B in coconut water is good for our health. Use of coconut water improve and clean up our digestive system. Increase immune system.
    • Uses of coconut water improve metabolism and pH level in our body.
    • Best to improve low blood pressure level.
    • Best health tonic for all ages especially old ages.
    • Keep us from stroke, heart attack and hangovers.
    • Coconut water has best healing properties against stomach ulcers.
    • Coconut water has positive effects to control cholesterol level and keep us from atherosclerosis.
    • Best energy drink for children and females. Better than processed milk because Lauric acid which can be found only in mother’s milk. You can take it from coconut water.
    • Best for weight lose. Showbiz actors use coconut water daily as slimming aid.
    • Best to treat acne and also best source to have glowing and shinny skin.
    • Coconut water has low calories than orange juice.
    • Best treatment for burning urination.
    • Best natural source to get rid of belly bloating.
    • It has observed that application of coconut water in is best treatment for Cataract.
    • Drinking coconut water after excessive body exercise and work load is best to get rid from tiredness and fatigue.
    • Coconut water can improve the minerals and water level in diarrhea patient better than ORS.
    • A coconut a day keeps the urologist. Coconut water for kidney patients can keep them from dialysis.
    • Cytokinins and Lauric acid in coconut water deep our skin tissues soft. So use of coconut water is best for acne, age spots, wrinkles and Eczema etc.
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