Black, Red and Green grapes are the pearls for health and beauty. The portability, texture, flavor and variety of grapes have made grapes a popular finger food  all over the world. Grapes are best to prevent cancer, heart disease, constipation, eye problems and high blood pressure. Ideal to diminish signs of aging and to get glowing skin. National skin care center strongly recommend to treat acne and pimples problem. Nature has packed Grapes with wonderful health and beauty benefit effects for all.

Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Grapes

Grapes for Fair Complexion

If you have a dark complexion mix Honey and Grapes in equal quantity and apply on your face and hands daily for 25-30 minutes. You will get fair complexion in 20-25 days by using this effectively. Grapes also protect your skin from U VB rays of the sun. Which can cause of skin cancer.

Grapes to Improve Body Weight and Low Platelet Level

To increase your body weight or low platelet level eats daily 250 grams fresh Grapes 2 times during the day and take 1 glass warm milk with 1 tablespoon Honey in it. Using this tip for one month continuously will make you healthy and fit. If your child is very weak and did not improve health. Grapes Juice is very much effective in improving health and weakness in children.

Constipation in Children

If your child has serious constipation give him/her Grapes Juice 2-3 tablespoons daily. Your child gets relief from constipation with the continues use of Grape juice positively.

Grapes for Growing Teeth Pain

When your child feels pain during new teeth growing give him Grapes juice daily 3-4 times daily. Your child will not feel pain during new teeth growing.

Grapes for Disorder Menses

If you are problematic in your menstrual  and disorder menses use Grapes daily in season of grapes. Grapes will solve your problem permanently.

Grapes for Scanty Periods

The Mix Grapes Juice with Honey in equal quantity and add Crushed Dry Dates in it. Daily use for one month will regularize your menses.

Grapes for Vaginal Discharge Treatment

Females with this problem try to use Grapes daily in season. Grapes and grape juice very much effective for vaginal discharge treatment permanently. Taking 1 tablespoon Grape juice with 1 teaspoon Honey best tip to treat and stop vaginal discharge (Leucorrhoea).

Grapes for Kidney and Bladder

In Grapes season eat at least 200-250 grams daily. You will get rid from all Kidney and Bladder problems naturally and effectively. Use of Grapes also strengthens Bladder.

Grapes for Weight Loss and Heart

Grapes reduce cells' ability to store fat and improve blood circulation and flow in heart vessels. Grapes maintain the nitric oxide level in the blood which lower the chances of heart attack. Fats which can cause weight gain grapes remove these fats.  Daily use of one cup fresh grapes increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients of our body.

Grapes for Brain Power

Improve the blood circulation to the brain and power to speed of mental response. In grapes season increases the use of grapes in your kids.

Grapes for Baldness or Hair loss

For Baldness or Hair lose make a paste of 100 grams Raisin and 50 grams Pounder with water. Application of this paste for few days found very much effective for Hair loss and Baldness.

Grapes for Eye Herpes and Lose of Eye Lashes

For eye herpes and when your eye lashes start loosing then cook Grape juice on the flame when it become thick keep it in a glass bottle with tight lid. Use daily before going to sleep 1-2 drops in each eye. In a few days you will must feel the difference. Also found very much effective for sore and tired eyes.

Grapes to Stop Semen Leakage

To stop semen leakage naturally and to improve sperm health use this best tip for 7 days. Daily eats 60 grapes in 1 hour (eat 1 grape after every 1 minute).

Grapes to Remove Dark Circles and Eye Bags

To remove dark circles, eye bags and want to get fair and gorgeous skin. Mix grape juice with honey and mango pulp in equal quantity. Eat it daily with your breakfast.
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