All fruits are packed with health and beauty benefits guava is one of them though it is not a favorite fruit amongst us. But if we know its health and beauty benefits we never ignore it. You can find in  a normal size Guava: Vitamin C 300 mg, Protein 0.2 g, Phosphorus 1.0 g, Fats 0.8 g, Vitamin B-2 1.03 mg, Minerals 14.5 g, Carbohydrates 0.01 g, Calcium 0.04 g and Iron 66 g. Other health and beauty benefits of Guava are given below:

Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Guava 

  1. Strengthen heart and power to heart muscles.
  2. Best fruit for diabetes patients. Vitamin B 3 in guava is good for your brain and nerves because it improves blood flow to your brain.
  3. Use of guava leaves tea is one of the best tip to stop loose motions.
  4. Blend guava leaves with alum and gargle with it. Best to get rid from toothache.
  5. Application of paste of guava flower on swelling eyes is a best healer.
  6. Its seeds are the worst enemy against stomach worms.
  7. Guava is the worst enemy against stomach acidity.
  8. Use of guava with carom seeds decrease sputum, night blindness and hangover.
  9. Blend guava flowers in ½ cup water and drink it. The best tip to remove gall bladder stone.
  10. Just smell guava when you feel vomit.
  11. Best cutter to break kidney stones.
  12. Best to repair damage skin cells repair and also good to maintain healthy, glowing skin.
  13. Guava tree skin boiled water gargling is best treatment for teeth gums diseases.


  • 1)Excessive use of guava can cause gastritis and avoid to eat its seeds, can cause stomach pain.
  • 2)To keep away from constipation by eating guava just sprinkle dried ginger powder, black pepper powder and salt over it before eating guava.
  • 3)Never drink water after eating this may cause sore throat.
  • 4)Try to eat guava after having your meal. Before meal it can cause constipation.
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