Onion packed with Vitamin, Iron and minerals which protects us from many diseases. 100 grams raw onion contains 1.4 Fat, 0.3 grams carbohydrates, 10 mg vitamin C, 0.7 mg iron, 180 mg calcium and 137 mg potassium.

Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Onion

Onion for Healthy Heart

Recent studies have proven that continues use of onion keeps us from heart diseases. Prostaglandin in onion formulates our heart beat and keeps it healthier. Daily 10 ml onion juice daily.

Onion for Ascites

To drain out excess Ascites naturally through urine daily take half cup of lukewarm onion water on an empty stomach. Diuretic quality of onion will help to drain out excessive acids and fluids from patient's body.

Multiple Benefits of Onion

Improve blood flow system in thyroid glands, whooping cough, asthma, piles, lungs and flu fever patients.

Onion as Antibacterial

Antibacterial properties of onion are best to kill germs and bacterias fast. Just spread onion slices on floor to kill germs and bacterias.

Onion for Intestinal Worms

To kill and remove intestinal worms naturally, use raw onion 4-5 days regularly.

Onion for Scanty Periods

Drink 15 ml (3 tablespoons) lukewarm onion juice to treat scanty periods problem fast.

Onion for Premature Gray Hair

Apply onion paste on your hair daily until required results. Not only turn your gray hair black also improve black hair growth.

Onion for Enlarged Spleen

It has been proven that onion is the best natural treatment for enlarged spleen.

Onion to Remove Ear Dirt

To remove ear dirt just drop 2-3 drops of onion juice.

Onion to Treat Eczema

Make a paste with onion and vinegar and apply it on affected area. Best to treat eczema naturally.

Onion for Prickly Heat and Itching

To get rid from prickly heat and itching just apply onion juice for fast results.

Onion to Stop Hair Fall

Mix honey in onion juice and apply it in your hair line and leave it for one hour. Wash with lukewarm water. Best tip to stop hair fall fast and naturally.

Onion Massage for Restless Body

Mix 10 g sesame seeds oil in 5 g onion juice and daily massage with it for one week. Not only best for restless body also best to improve muscles powder.

Onion for Body Swelling

Best to get rid from any kind of swelling. Add raw onion in your salad daily.

Onion to Improve Voice Quality

Using onion is best to improve vocal quality in singers.

Onion Soup for Sleeping Disorders

Those who have sleep disorder or problems only using onion soup which is more effective than any sleeping pills.

Onion for Freckles

Black spots/Freckles on the face and body can permanently remove with onion juice application.

Onion to Improve Eyesight

Use of onion water with honey is best to improve weak eyesight and also best cleanser for the eyes.

Onion for Kidney and Bladder Stones

Drinking 25 grams onion juice daily with an empty stomach will removes out kidney and bladder stones.

Onion for Nose Bleeding

Drop 1 or 2 drops of onion juice in nose bleeding to stop it.

Onion for Belly Bloating

In belly bloating roast onion on fire and compress its juice drinks it.

Onion for Thin and Watery Semen

To make thin and watery semen thick, mix onion juice and honey in equal quantity and cook it on low flame when onion juice evaporates then off the flame. Take 10 grams daily before going to bed.

What Add and What to Avoid

  • 1)It is better to use onion in vinegar because raw onion can be the cause of mouth odor.
  • 2)Those who have stomach problems avoid using onion.
  • 3)Never use onion in salad with your dinner it can be the cause of body odor and stomach pain.
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