All parts of Banana tree and its fruit are beneficial for human health. Some useful tips of Banana are given below:

Natural Health Benefits of Banana

Banana for Vaginal Discharge (Leucorrhoea) and Menstrual Pain

Use of Raw Green Banana 2 times daily strengthens the Ovary. Best tip for  Vaginal discharge and Menstrual pain.

Banana for Nose Bleeding

When some have blood from Nose (Nose Bleeding) blend Banana beans in milk and add 2 tablespoons brown sugar in it. Very effective for this.

Banana for Heart Pain

Mash 1 Banana in a bowl and add 1 tablespoon Honey in it. Give it to the patient feeling heart pain.

Banana for Loose Motion and Diarrhea

Add Yogurt and 1-2 pinch of Saffron with Banana for the treatment of loose motions. But add more banana than yogurt for better and fast results.

Banana for Strong Sperm

Daily use for 8-10 days Banana with Almond Butter is very effective to strengthen the weak sperms.

Banana for Women's Infertility

Eating 6-7 Banana Flower after 3 days of menses seen very beneficial for those women who are facing infertility. Keep using Fresh Bananas more till achieving the goal.

Banana for Peptic Ulcer and Mouth Ulcer

Mix Mashed Banana in Cow yogurt and eat it early in the morning daily. It is very effective for Peptic Ulcer & mouth ulcer.

Banana for Strong Bladder

To strengthen your Bladder add Goose Berry powder in mashed banana and add a double quantity of sugar in it. Very much effective remedy to strengthen your Bladder naturally.

Banana for Constipation

In the serious Constipation boil Raw Green Banana in water and eat this boiled banana. Best natural remedy for constipation.

Banana for Weight Loss

Have only 110 calories and easy to digest. Ideal fruit for losing weight. If you want to loss weight fast use boiled water of banana leaves is very effective and safe remedy. Eat bananas than having heavy meals.
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