Brinjal is one of the famous vegetable in the world and you can have it in the market during the year. Both two types of Brinjal (long, round) are filled with Phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, B and C. Brinjal is dry and hot by nature. Some useful health benefits of Brinjal are given below for you.

Amazing Health Benefits of Brinjal

  • 1)Increase appetite and strengthen your stomach.
  • 2)Best to treat constipation. If you got loose motions by eating Brinjal it is very helpful and beneficial to treat gastritis and stomach inflammation.
  • 3)In joint pain or pain after an injury, cut a brinjal into two pieces and heat it on a frying pan for few seconds and sprinkle 3-4 pinches of turmeric powder over these two pieces and tie it on affected area with a cotton cloth piece. The best tip to get rid from pain.
  • 4)Brinjal is the best to treat sprain/wrench (Moch) and swelling. Cut a brinjal into thin slices and mix 1/8 salt in it. Heat them in an iron utensil when slices become soft tie up them on wrench. Wrench and swelling gone away within few minutes.
  • 5)Brinjal is the enemy of the spitum (Balgum). Not only reduces spitum but removes it permanently.
  • 6)Rub and apply brinjal head (green part) to removes piles/hemorrhoids (veins of the rectum). Dry up brinjal peel off and green part (head). Steaming with it is the best to remove piles veins (masay) within few days.
  • 7)Burn a small size brinjal on fire and make ash with it. Mix honey in this ash and apply it on piles veins (masay).
  • 8)Mash a yellow ripe brinjal and mix petroleum jelly int it. Application of this mixture on cracked heels and finger skin is the best tip to get rid fast from this problem.
  • 9)To reduce excessive sweating and foot odor just apply brinjal juice on your feet. Not only reduces excessive sweating but also removes foot odor.
  • 10)Add brinjal weekly in your meal but not excess the amount from 125 grams. During piles, fever and skin problems avoid using brinjal. Excessive amount of eating brinjal can be the cause of semen leakage.
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