A natural dense food with vitamin, minerals and antioxidant. A natural gift of summer to heal heat. Watermelon contain more lycopene  than any other  fruit or vegetable. Watermelon is made up of 92% of water. Here we have some health and beauty tips with watermelon for all.

Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon For Headache

Heating or burning headache is one of most irritating pain. Use this most effective and best tip with watermelon to resolve it. Confirm First the patient has this pain due to heat. Compress watermelon pulp in a glass and mix Natural Sugar in it and mix well. Drink it early in the morning with an empty stomach. You will feel its cooling effect within few minutes. Or Make a creamy paste with Watermelon seeds and apply the paste on the patient’s forehead. The pain will go away in few minutes.

Watermelon for Beautiful Skin in Summer

Make a mask with watermelon juice, cucumber paste and clay powder and apply the paste on to your face and neck. It will remove all stains and best sunscreen for all types of skin. Also best mask for freckles and anti-aging tonic.

Watermelon for Stress

Eating 1 large bowl for 21 days continuously improves your sleeping and reduces stress level. Or compress watermelon pulp for 125 gram juice. Mix 125 grams cow milk and 3 tablespoons Natural Sugar in it. Keep it in a white glass bottle and put it in moon light overnight. Next morning gives it to the patient with an empty stomach. Repeat it for 21 days, positively decrease stress level day by day.

Watermelon to Control Vomiting

If you feel inflammation after having your meal and vomit. If you find or see yellowish liquid in vomiting than watermelon is the best tip in this condition. Just add Natural Sugar in watermelon juice and drink it. It will improve your stomach health and stops vomiting.

Watermelon to increase Appetite or Hunger

Just sprinkle black pepper powder, cumin powder and black salt on the watermelon slices before eating it. Best to improve appetite or sparkling hunger.

Watermelon for Thirst or Dehydration

If you feel thirsty after having enough water (8-10 glasses). Watermelon is best to treat this condition. Add 1 teaspoon Lemon Juice in 1 glass juice of watermelon and drink it. You will feel its cooling sensation within 2-3 minutes. In serious condition use it daily for 7-8 days.

Watermelon for Healthy Heart Muscles

Make a paste with watermelon seeds and add sugar in it, then add ½ glass of cold water in it and mix well. The best tip to improve your heart health and strengthen your heart muscles.

Watermelon for Constipation

Just eating full and a large bowl of watermelon for 10 days, is the best way to get rid of any kind of serious constipation.

Watermelon for Burning Urination

Cut 2 inch square piece of watermelon from the center. Put 1 tablespoon Salt Petter (kalmishora) and 2 tablespoons of Natural Sugar powder in it and cover it the cutting piece. Leave I overnight in the moon light. Next morning next morning compress the juice of watermelon and give it to the patient. Within 6-7 days patient must feel its positive effects against burning urination.

Watermelon for Yellow Fever (jaundice)

Daily give it to the patient as he/she desire during the fever daily 2-3 times. The best tip to treat with Yellow fever (jaundice).
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