Glowing eyes are the sign of your good inner health which can enhance your overall face look. Eyes skin is much thinner and more sensitive than the skin of our rest body. Dehydration, lack of sleep, sun rays, cigarette smoke and alcoholism firstly effects on our eyes and face skin which is not a healthy sign. So we need to extra care and attention for healthy and glowing eyes. Avoid using chemical creams and ointments on your delicate eyes skin. Natural home tips are best to get shinning and glowing eye without any side effect.

Natural Tips for Brighter and Glowing Eyes

Milk for Brighter and Glowing Eyes

Mix salt in fresh milk and dip 2 cotton balls in it. Close your eyes and place these cotton balls on your eyes. Massage with these balls smoothly on your eye area. Also best tip for tired eyes and wrinkles. Using this tip before going out to your work keep your eyes fresh and clean. Milk is the best eye cleanser.

Nigella Seeds for Brighter and Glowing Eyes

Make a powder with Nigella seeds and boil it in water. After boiling it wrap it in a cotton cloth piece and take a warm massage with it on your eyes for 8-10 minutes. The best cleanser for the eyes and effective tip to get glowing eyes with clear eyesight.

Jasmin Flower for Brighter and Glowing Eyes

Mix few drops of Lemon juice in Jasmin flower oil or extracts. Massage with it daily before going to bed. The best tip for glowing eyes.

Raw Potato for Brighter and Glowing Eyes

Raw potato contains an enzyme that helps to make your eyes healthy and brighter. Lay slices straight on your eyes, or mash raw Potatoes and wrap it in a clean cotton hankie. Patted on thinly with your ring fingers; don't rub, pull or drag the skin. Place it on your eyes for 10-15 minutes it will remove fine lines around your eyes and glow your eyes effectively.

Rose Water for Brighter and Glowing Eyes

Mix Rose water with Glycerine and keep it in a glass bottle with lid. Daily massage with it for healthy, glowing, attractive and beautiful eyes.

Cucumber for Brighter and Glowing Eyes

Slice of cucumber are very soothing, placing Cucumber slices on your eyes is also best tip keep your glowing eyes health naturally.

Camomile Tea Bags for Brighter and Glowing Eyes

Brew a pot of camomile tea with two teabags and lay the slightly cooled, slightly squeezed bags on you eyes.

Fennel Seeds for Brighter and Glowing Eyes

Soak Fennel Seeds (saunf) in Carrot juice overnight. Next morning make a paste with it and apply it on your eyes by mixing 1 tablespoon Aloe Vera gel in it. Wash your eyes with fresh water after 15-20 minutes. The most effective and good tip for glowing and healthy eyes.

Pineapple and Coconut Water for Brighter and Glowing Eyes

Mix few drops of Pineapple juice in Coconut water and dip a cotton cloth pad in it. Place it on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Best tip for fresh and glowing eyes naturally.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • 1)Steam you face over a bowl of very hot water, with some essential oil such as rosemary for brighter and glowing eyes.
  • 2)Lack of sleep is one of the main cause of eye problems.
  • 3)Fruit and vegetable juices are also best to get brighter and glowing eyes in one week.
  • 4)To lubricant your eyes drink more water.
  • 5)Dry environment of your work place can also harmful for your eyes beauty, put a bowl of water on your desk.
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