Dates are best Tonic for good health. In taste sweet and by nature it’s effects are mild warm and creamy. Dates fruits, wood and its leaves are also beneficial for our health. Dates are packed with multiple vitamins and nutrients. The best using daily quantity for a healthy person is 100 grams to 250 grams. Other best health benefits of ‘Dates’ are as under.

Benefits of Dates for Healthy Body

Improve HB Level with Dates
Dates milk shake is best to improve HB level in your body. Those wanting to improve body weight take 4 Dates and fill it with 4 Almonds for 15 days. After eating these almond filled Dates drink a glass of warm milk. Best to improve immune system too.

Dates for Diabetic Patient's Injury

If a diabetes patient is injured burn Dates on fire to make the ashes or use its tree gum. Apply this ash or gum on their wounds to stop the running blood and also healing from injury.

Stop Semen Leakage with Dates

By adding 1 tablespoon Honey, 7 Almonds, 1 teaspoon Poppy seeds and 2-3 Black pepper in dates milkshake is the best to stop semen leakage during night dreaming.

Dates for Loose Motion

Rub Dates seed in a tablespoon of water and take to the patients who is dealing with loose motion.

Reduce Feet Swelling with Dates

Best for pregnant women and also help to decrease feet swelling during pregnancy.

Dates for Gastritis

Gastritis patient takes 3 Dates daily with your breakfast and drink tea after eating it. Very much effective to treat this condition.
Reduce Excessive Sputum
To decrease extra Sputum must add daily 3-4 Dates in your meal. For to remove extra Sputum of new born baby just mash it finely with honey and lip it to the baby. It will clean out baby’s chest effectively and positively.

Dates for Constipation

To deal with serious Constipation have breakfast with 15 Dates and ¼ cup of Rose water. Best to improve the digestive system and prevent from colon and abdominal cancer.

Reduce Stomach Inflammation with Dates

To treat the inflammation in stomach take 4 seeds of Dates powder with water. Best tip for burning stomach.

Beautiful Figure with Dates

If you want to have a beautiful figure eat daily 7 Dates with Fresh Cucumber.
Dates for Scanty Periods
To improve blood flow for scanty periods daily eat 10-15 Dates with Honey 2 times.
Dates for Toothache
Boil Dates plant roots in water and gargle with this water to remove tooth pain.

Remove Medicine Side Effects with Dates 

To remove the side effects of medicine soak 3-4 dates in water for 6 hours. Filter it and drink this water. Also best to improve Liver health.

Dates to Improve Hunger 

To improve appetite/hunger grind Fennel seeds with Almonds and make a paste with honey and mashed dates. Eat it daily 1 tablespoon 1 hour before having your every meal.

Dates for Weakness after Delivery

After delivery or birth a baby to treat the weakness just boil 7 dates in 1 glass of milk. Taking it daily before breakfast best to power your body and strengthen your bones. Prevent your body from any complication after delivery.  

Dates as Anti-Aging Agent

The application of raw dates paste on your face is the best face mask for all types of skin and the best anti-aging mask for glowing skin.

Dates for Heart Veins

Make a paste with 1-2 fresh Ajwa Dates with its seeds and eat it early in the morning with an empty stomach. The best natural tip to enlarge narrow or congested heart veins.
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