Every couple wishes to conceive a baby boy first to complete the family. For thousands of years couples desire to have a baby boy from different techniques and methods. Even in today's modern time in some cases of divorce, for not delivering a baby boy and in some countries in the world that also the main cause of increasing population. Because if a mother delivering baby girls, she could not stop it till to deliver a baby boy. Otherwise she will be seen as a failure or loser. Although now everyone know that determination really lay with the man. When a male wants to pregnant a female he should discharge semen average more than 3.5ml (40 million sperms) to conceive a baby boy. ‘Y’ chromosome is very active and fast but weaker and die in a short time, a ‘Y’ chromosome needs sperms to enter in Fallopian tubes more than 40 millions. But an ‘X’ chromosome stronger and live longer. If your pH is alkaline, you can have a boy. The pH means the water level in your body which is 75% and Potential of Hydrogen which is necessary for the transformational process. Alkaline foods like Almonds, Pink Salt, eggs, beef, pure honey dates, banana, yogurt, cheese, melons, apricots, avocados, coconut, grapes, figs, caffeine, lemon and eat vegetables (tomato and broccoli) increase your pH level. Alkaline foods make your mucus thick and help the sperm survive. So both of you need to change your eating habits. The alkaline level also increase or decrease by your emotions. Love, joy and happiness increase the level . Anger, hate, jealousy and fear may reduce the pH level which may cause to the birth of a baby girl.

Natural Tips and Foods Tips to Birth A Son


Mix 1 fresh mango pulp, safoof-e-stawar ½ teaspoon, safoof-e-saalab ½ teaspoon, ginger juice 1 teaspoon, 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon pure ghee, saffron 4-5 pinches and 1 tablespoon rose water. Mix all the ingredients very well and add 50 grams natural sugar (mishri) in it. Drink it daily for 2 weeks. The best tip to improve body health and to stop semen leakage use it for 1 week only.

Bottle Gourd with Candy Sugar

If a pregnant woman start eating bottle gourd (boiled and mashed) with candy sugar daily from second trimester till the end of this trimester definitely birth a son.

Lady Finger

Lady Finger - take 2-3 lady finger is cut into small pieces and dip it in a glass of water overnight, next morning filter this water and drink it early morning for one month it has really effected on male sperm production.

Leafy Green

Leafy greens – use leafy greens (spinach, green leafy (Methi, saag etc) should be used in your daily meals.


Tomato juice, tomato ketchup, tomato paste produces healthier sperm. Increase the ability to fertilize an egg.

Gingko Biloba Leaves

Gingko Biloba leaves and its extracts is the best herb for erectile dysfunction, increases blood circulation and high in antioxidants. Ginseng Roots, Ashwagndha Root, Maca Roots and Dry Goji berry increase hormone levels, improve sperm health, libido, quantity and also improves muscles power.

Almond Milk

To double the semen quantity and to increase the fertilization rate use daily Almonds and Milk or Almond Milk in your meal. Vitamin E and L-Arginine in it improve the quality and make the sperm strong.


The zinc in Oysters increase sperm quantity and production. Zinc should increase one’s ejaculate volume significantly. Those who are facing with the problem of low sperm count, daily take for Zinc Oysters, red meat, banana, pumpkin seeds and egg in their diet too.


A man should drink coffee or cold soda about half an hour before going to bed to increase the sperm count and speed which helps to move the male sperm towards the egg.

What to Avoid and What to Add

Avoid taking hot or warm bath, hot drinks, drug, alcohol and totally avoids bike driving it may reduce the sperm count.
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