Hormonal changes are the basic reason of acne in teenagers during puberty period. During this period oily gland produce excessive oil and it clogs skin pores. Use of acne product can temporarily solve your problem but it may lead to skin infections or acne worse if react. Taking good care of your skin, nutritional diet and some effective natural foods can help to treat and cure this problem related to teenagers naturally without any side effect.

Foods to Cure Acne Naturally

Carrot to Cur Acne

Eating raw carrots or drinking carrot juice daily the best food for your skin health and skin without acne or pimples. Sensitive skin has more chances to deal with this problem Vitamin A is the best source to strengthen the skin tissues and your skin will have a natural protector against acne naturally.

Spinach to Cur Acne

Those who use and add the spinach in their regular diet weekly plan found with fresh skin. Because zinc in spinach is an antibacterial food which reduces oil production in the skin glands. So if you want to get rid from more oily skin add more zinc food in your meal.

Sweet Potatoes to Cur Acne

Sweet potato is also the best source of getting Vitamin A naturally. Best food that hydrates your skin and you can get healthy, glowing and fair skin without acne by using this natural food. Applying sweet potato paste on face has very good effects for skin.

Pineapple Juice to Cur Acne

Taking weekly 1 or half cup of pineapple juice make your skin fresh and also best healing against acne/pimples. Applying pineapple juice on acne area daily for one weak can also be very effective to remove acne.
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