You can never ignore the importance of hair oiling to get health, beauty and shining hair. Hair oiling can treat hair problems like dandruff, split ends and damage hair. Hair oiling is the best way to keep your hair moisture, beautiful and healthy. Constant use of oil is necessary for healthy hair and treatments. Use Oil thrice a week maximum for beautiful hair.
Before you start oiling your hair try to test with different oils because different oils that may work for one person may not work for everyone. Oiling hair will help to relax after a busy day. Here we present you best oils for hair massage.

Hair Massage Oils for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Mustard Oil – Pure Mustard Oil regular massage keeps hair health, growing and beautiful. If you have dandruff on your skull add one egg yolk in Mustard Oil results very good.
Almond Oil– During pregnancy or after delivery and during feeding women loses hair very fast. Almond Oil continues massage of Almond Oil keeps your hair healthier, stronger, stop losing hair and breakage of hair. Good for deep treatment.
Coconut Oil – some like its fragrance some not. It is lighter than olive oil. Coconut Oil leaves your hair very shiny. It keeps your hair color. It keeps your skull skin from damage and healthy your hair. The right choice for curly hair. Prevent combing damage.
Jojoba Oil– Pure Jojoba Oil keeps your hair healthy and moisturized. Can be used for all types of hair.
Cranberry Seed Oil – Rich in Vitamin E and A. Omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids in it improve your brain health too.
Grape Seed Oil – Light Oil for massage hair works well. Excellent scalp massage moisturizes hair and skull skin.
Aloe Vera Oil – Regenerate skull skin and treatment oil for skin diseases like eczema, skin ulcers and acne. Continued use of Aloe Vera Oil generates healthy, shiny and beautiful hair.
Amla Oil– Best oil for hair loss and breakage. It keeps your hair color from discoloration.
Neem Oil– Its antiseptic properties great for dandruff, eczema, acne, psoriasis and itching scalp. Pregnant women avoid to use neem oil.
Avocado Oil – Best oil for dry hair. Moisturizes dry hair and stop dry hair breakage. 
Flax Seed Oil – Good for hair massage and damaged hair treatment.
Olive Oil– Good for curly and wavy hair.
Palm Oil– Heavy for some hair types. Makes hair healthier.
Rose Oil– Good for thin and fine hair. Very useful for dandruff and flaky hair.
Castor Oil– Very heavy oil and its oily texture make it very much oily. You can use it with other oils. Effect for dry hair and skull.
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