Natural Herbs or Plants have been recognized for their healing properties. Herbs and plants are full with a potent punch with skin problems and have no side effects. You can cultivate these plants or herbs in your home to solve all kinds of skin problems and you can create your skin care naturally.

Natural Healing Herbs and Plants for Beautiful Skin


The active substances in licorice, called glycyrrhizins, are well known for helping the heal all manner of inflammatory skin conditions, including cold sores, eczema, and psoriasis. In one study, a cream with 2% liquorice extract did better than 1%; there are also balms available containing 3% of the active ingredient.



One of the most effective healing herb which provide a wonderful cure for cuts, sores and almost any skin lesion. They have antibacterial properties, are a good antiseptic, and contain tannin, which helps to knot together wounds and speed up healing. You have to do just press the juice from fresh flowers and apply directly to the skin. In a recent research marigold helps the skin condition psoriasis.

Aloe Vera

The healing powers of aloe Vera are becoming more popular around the world. It needs to be grown inside, but it’s a hassle free houseplant that can be grown on a windowsill. ‘The gel from this spiky succulent, which can be used directly from the leaf or look for 100% pure aloe gel, has a long history of use for skin problems, from sunburn and cuts, to eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Aloe Vera is brilliant for any kind of skin lesion. It is also effective on sore gums and mouth ulcers. It is also found to be fantastic for soothing and healing cracked lips.


Another healing plant to cure skin. This an effective treatment for warts. Just pick a stem and it will immediately start to work. Cover your wart every day for three weeks and it will disappear.


This soothing herb, formulated as a topical cream, may help skin problems, but in some cases it can also cause sensitivity in certain people. Golden chamomile has also been seen effective in treating skin problems. Golden chamomile significantly improved the symptoms of moderate rosacea.

St John’s

This herb is most often used and work very effectively for the treatment of depression. The active substance, hypericin, also seems to have anti inflammatory properties and was shown to reduce symptoms in eczema sufferers.

Tea Tree

In recent years, tea tree oil has become increasing popular as an antimicrobial agent used against hospital super-bugs. It has also been shown to have inflammatory properties. Many sufferers of the skin condition called mollusum contagiosum-lots of tiny little pearly bumps or which there is virtually no conventional treatment.,just dab tea tree oil on he bumps with a cotton bud, has very much effective to cure the problem.
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