Beetroot are Packed with folic acid, protein, zinc, iron, manganese,vitamin A, H, C and B which are best to treat such health conditions like anemia, weak immune system, stress and fatigue. A low calorie vegetable which can be very helpful to remove out excessive fat from our body naturally especially ideal to reduce belly fat naturally. Betaine in beet-root is very much useful and helpful for cholesterol which maintain blood pressure and heart health. Other nutritional, health and beauty benefits of Beet root are there for your information.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Beetroot

Beet Root For Skin

Natural detoxifies in beet root protects our skin from direct sun rays and keep our skin from damaging. Lycopene in beet root helps in maintaining skin elasticity and protects skin from harmful sun radiations and give your skin younger looking. Blood purification quality of beet root keeps our skin healthy glowing and fresh. Beet root juice is ideal for those who have sensitive skin just apply its juice daily for 5-6 minutes daily before going to sleep and wash with normal water. Or drink one glass juice of beet root twice a week that can remove acne and pimples easily.

Beet Root For Kidney Stone

Oxalic acid in beet root is best to remove out kidney stones without surgery. Just boil beets juice until it becomes thick. Give 150 grams to the patient daily for a few days. Kidney stone will dissolve and removes out through urine.

Beet Root For Piles

Piles roots inflammation and swelling which leads to severe blood discharge can be treated and control naturally and easily by consuming beet root juice daily. Applying Beetroot leaves on veins after dipping them in boiling water and wear your underwear for 20-25 minutes. The best tip to treat and control internal and external piles naturally.

Beet Root Leaves For Hair Dandruff, Lice and Nits

If your scalp skin producing too much dandruff like powder, just boil beet root leaves in water and wash your hair with this water daily for one week. Not only removes dandruff from your hair and scalp skin also removes lice and nits completely by making your hair shiny.

Beet Root For Fresh Semen Production

Best natural nutrients and minerals in beet-root are excellent to produce new blood and purify blood. Which promotes new semen production and make watery semen thicker. Also helpful to control semen leakage.

Beet Root For Anemia

The best supporting vegetable for the liver which improves zinc and copper level in liver cells. Zinc an copper level control red blood cell count in the blood. It provides proper circulation of oxygen in the body and helps against restlessness and insomnia. Iron in beet root increases the hemoglobin level of the blood.

Beet Root For Constipation

Dietary fiber in beet root best to keep your digestion track health. Not only reduces excessive acids from our body but also maintain our internal body nerves softness and improves bowel movement. Best to prevent constipation.

Other Health Benefits Of Beetroot and Precautions

  • Avoid using it raw just sprinkle any spice before use it or mix any other juice in it.
  • Avoid to cook beet-root because in this way you can evaporate its best beneficiaries.
  • Beetroot contains lutein and zeaxanthin that help in preventing age related eye problems and macular degeneration.
  • Beetroot is best during pregnancy because it lowers the risk of neural tube defects in newborn. It also helps in the development of the baby’s spinal cord.
  • Mineral silica in the Beetroot helps in preventing diseases like osteoporosis.
  • Beetroot helps in the reduction of the effects of cytostatics and increases appetite.
  • Beetroot has been found to work against colon, skin and breast cancer.
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