Plum or prunes are full of antioxidants and are packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin B, C,G, K, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron which are best for our overall body health. Quit low in calories so also an ideal food for weight losing. That’s why you can call it “A Vitamin Capsule”. You can find the highest amount of Vitamin B2 in Plum than other fruits. In a modern research it has been proven that vitamin B2 is best for our mental and emotional health. Dried plums also contain essential properties which gives us the overall intake of the daily consuming dietary fiber. Vitamins and minerals in it are the best nutrients, antioxidants against diseases like heart, high blood pressure, low memory, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer. But we can find this wonderful capsule only in winter and the recommended diet is around 250 grams to 750 grams daily. Here we have some useful healthy nutritional and beauty benefits for you.

Best Health and Beauty Benefits of Plum

Improve Appetite

Plum is the best natural source to sparkle your hunger (appetite). Daily soak 7 prunes with 30 grams tamarind for overnight. Next morning remove the seeds and blend it. Add sugar to taste and 3-4 pinches of salt in it. The best natural tonic to improve appetite (hunger) for the whole family.

Lower Blood Pressure

To lower your high blood pressure soak 3 grams dry or fresh plum, 3 grams mint leaves and 3 grams aniseed (saunf) in warm water overnight. Next morning blend this water with all ingredients and drink it. Vitamin K in prunes protect the blood from clotting which causes high blood pressure and heart stoke.

Weakness and Fatigue

To get rid from general weakness and fatigue, daily take 10-12 plums with an empty stomach after morning walk. The best and easy way to improve your body health naturally. Potassium and iron in plum best for red blood cell formation.

Skin Problems

Using plum is very effective for acne, dry and rough skin or other facial skin problems. It helps imparting freshness to your skin.

Dark or Black Lips

Rubbing fresh plum peel off on lips is the best and easy way to get soft and pink lips.

Intestinal Worms

Application of plum leaves paste on lower area of belly point will removes out intestinal worms.

Running Nose

Boiled water of Plum leaves or tea is best to stop excessive running nose.

Semen Leakage

Soaked water of plum is best to stop semen leakage and if you will add 1 teaspoon aniseed in it this will double the effectiveness.

Enlarged Spleen

Daily eating plum for 3 weeks is very much effective for enlarged spleen to reduce or shrink the size.

Itching Skin

Continues use of plum is very much effective for skin itching. Prevent skin cells from damaging. Vitamin A in ti protect our skin from harmful UV rays of the sun and vitamin C in it protect our skin from infection.

Foot Inflammation

Eating plum is best to get rid from feet inflammation. Or rub plum peel off on foot palm for 10-15 minutes.

Sleeping Disorders

Best to remove all kind of sleeping disorders. Take 5-8 plum before going to sleep.

Memory Booster

Eating 4-5 antioxidant rich prunes or plum is best to boost weak memory related to old age.

Throat Swelling

Drinking 10 grams lukewarm juice of plum is very much effective for throat swelling and soreness.

Scanty Urinating

Use of Plum is effective for scanty urination and prostate problem.
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