Garlic has been grown more over 5000 years around the world. Use of green and dry garlic best for our health and beauty. Minerals, iron, copper and vitamin A, H and C can be found in garlic. Mostly use as herb & as a flavoring our food. It is a natural antiseptic. Excessive cooking reduces its effectiveness. Daily usage of garlic may lower cholesterol level.

Natural Health and Beauty Tips of Garlic 

Garlic to Remove Lice and Nits

Garlic juice is best to clean out Lice and Nits completely from your hair. Just apply garlic juice on your skull skin and hair for 10-15 minutes. Then use plastic and metal nit comb to clean out your hair from lice and nits.

Ascites Treatment with Garlic

Using Garlic to Ascites/Tapping the Abdomen is very helpful to treat this problem naturally. Daily take 1-2 cloves of garlic on an empty stomach for 2-3 weeks to treat this problem naturally. Not only treat Ascites but also reduces pain and swelling but it should be taken regularly.

Garlic for Healthy Joints

Garlic dry out body and joint sputum which can be the cause of joints pain or arthritis. Daily eating 1-2 garlic clove with water decreases joint pain. Or boil garlic in sesame seed oil when garlic color become radish filter it. The best oil to massage for your joint pain and arthritis.

Garlic for Ear Pain

For ear pain just drop 1-2 drops of garlic juice. You will feel relax from pain within a few minutes and if there is any pimple in your ear garlic juice will also remove it.

Garlic for Tooth Worms

For tooth worm and pain fill the tooth hole with crushed garlic. The pain will go away in a few minutes and it kills tooth warm positively.

Garlic for Blood Sugar, Gout, Stomachache, Liver and Asthma

Effectiveness found in Blood Sugar, Gout (Uric Acid), Stomachache and Asthma. Add garlic in your daily cooked foods to cure from different diseases. Garlic reduces cholesterol production in your liver.

Garlic for Healthy Heart

Garlic is a natural tonic for a healthy heart. Good for your cardiac treatment like heart attack, heart weakness, coronary heart disease.

Garlic to Cure Blood Clotting 

Help to prevent blood clots. Improve the elasticity of arteries and lower your blood pressure and high blood pressure late in pregnancy. During pregnancy it improves blood circulation. Detox liver and kidney.

Garlic to Treat Cancer

Garlic helps to prevent bladder cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer.

Garlic as Best Anti-Bacterial Agent

Garlic Oil helps to prevent and treat bacterial and fungal infections.

Garlic for Skin Open Pores

Several amino acids, vitamins and minerals are also present in garlic. Clean and purify the skin. Garlic paste application for open pores is one of the best tip to get a smooth skin.

Garlic as Energy Booster

Fresh garlic is more effective than raw and old garlic. Use daily 2/3 garlic clove, one in the morning and one in evening. A fresh clove of garlic contains 5mg to 8mg of Allicin. Include daily raw garlic in your salad to cleanse your colon. Boost the immune systems.
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