Protein in cow’s milk is the basic cause of milk allergy especially in teenagers or school going kids. They have this problem from birth but it grows up with the time. Milk allergy is different  and much common from lactose intolerance. Lactose is a sugar that occurs naturally in milk. Lactose, the enzyme needed to digest lactose, is present at birth but sometimes disappears after babyhood. The symptoms are a bloated stomach and diarrhea, which occur soon after drinking milk. Some people can tolerate up to a glass of milk with no adverse effects, whereas others cannot tolerate even tiny amounts. If someone has milk allergy when drink milk or take dairy products,  it may cause facial swelling, lung problem like breathing, problem in the digestive system or abdomen pain/cramp, vomiting, weight loss, loose motions or blood in stool, running nose, skin problem of the whole body (hives). White blood cells in our body do not like this milk protein and our body produce a chemical called histamines, which causes of this allergy. If you will not control it at the right time then your health can be affected with it badly. Your health consultant can guide you better in this regard but these foods and tips can also helpful for you to treat this problem naturally.

Natural Alternate Foods for Milk Allergy

Red Grapes for Milk Allergy

Juice of Red Grapes is the best answer for milk allergy because the red grape juice is a great anti inflammatory and antioxidant  that prevent the free radical damage to cells. Best to decrease facial swelling within few minutes.

Coconut Milk for Milk Allergy

Coconut milk is as much beneficial like milk but lower in protein. Drinking coconut milk can solve the problem quickly for all ages naturally.

Chamomile Tea for Milk Allergy

Make a tea with chamomile and mint leaf tea. Drink it 2-3 times during the day.

Omega 3 for Milk Allergy

Omega 3 fatty acids in salmon and tuna the cold water fish, are good to treat milk allergy.

Spinach for Milk Allergy

Drinking spinach soup or juice is also best for milk allergy and improve your immune system too.

Lime Juice for Milk Allergy

Lime juice is the best source of vitamin C has anti inflammatory properties that may help to reduce the symptoms of allergy and fulfill your calcium requirements.
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