We lost our complexion and lost our original skin when we go out frequently or mostly we ignore skin care in our busy schedule. If you have sensitive skin type it can make a visible change in your face and body skin. Here we have some useful tips to make and care all types of skin. These tips can make a noticeable change in your whole body skin.

Natural Beauty Secrets to Whiten Body Skin

Barley to Improve Whole Body Complexion
Soak barely flour (jou) in warm water overnight. Next morning filter it and mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon rose water, 1 teaspoon glycerin and 1 teaspoon ammonia in it. Apply this paste 3 times during the day on your hands and face. It will make a great change in your face and hand complexion naturally.
Yeast to Improve Whole Body Complexion
Rubbing flour yeast on your face, hands and feet or even on your whole body is the best and oldest tip to improve skin complexion for those who have dark skin.
Spinach to Improve Whole Body Complexion
To improve your face and body skin complexion form inner side. Boil 100 grams Spinach (palak) with a little amount of water, add 1 pinch of salt and 1 tablespoon honey in it. Filter it and drink it daily with an empty stomach. Within 1 or 2 months continued use of this tip will wonder the viewers.
Lemon Juice with Glycerin to Improve Whole Body Complexion
Mix Lemon juice in Glycerin and keep it in a glass bottle. Daily in the morning after washing your hand and face apply this mixture on your face and make a smooth massage. Your skin becomes soft, clean and clear.
Salted Milk to Improve Whole Body Complexion
Mix Salt in raw milk and apply it on your face daily before going to bed with a cotton swab and leave it overnight. It will also improve your complexion and face beauty.
Dew Drops to Improve Whole Body Complexion
In winter season absorb due drops from the plant leaves in a cotton cloth piece when it becomes wet apply it smoothly on your face and sit in a warm temperature room. Massage with this cotton cloth smoothly when your face becomes dry stop massaging. Within few days with this tip your face skin becomes soft and pink.
Orange Peels to Improve Whole Body Complexion 
Make a smooth paste with dried orange peel off and rose water. Daily application of this paste not only improves your face complexion but also help to reduce acne, pimples, freckles and skin pigmentation.
Gram Flour to Improve Whole Body Complexion
Mix Gram flour (basin) in boiled water when it becomes cool then wash your hands and face with this gram flour water. It will make your skin soft, clean and clear. It will also remove dark patches on your skin. It’s better to take a bath after this application.
Mustard to Improve Whole Body Complexion
Application of Mustard or its flowers daily on your face and body is the best bridal ubtan for the whole body.
Saffron to Improve Whole Body Complexion
Mix Mustard flower, Saffron (Kaiser), turmeric powder and red sandal wood (chandan) (40 grams each) . also add cloves and charonji 20 grams each. Mix all the ingredients in mustard oil to make a paste. Application for one week continuously improves your face freshness and decrease dullness. Also best to acne and freckles.
Lentin to Improve Whole Body Complexion 
Make a paste with Lentin (Masoor ke dal) and ghee. Apply it on your face removes freckles and dullness. Make your face fresh and glowing.
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