The biggest misconception about using a facial oil is that it gives you spots or makes skin greasy. Actually, many creams you are using can be complicated formulations and can plug pores. Plant oils have a finer molecular sebaceous glands, so oil is something your skin recognizes and absorbs more effectively. For sensitive skinned, oils can be an excellent choice because they don’t need preservatives, which can trigger skin touchiness; bacteria an not breed in oils but
only in water. Oils do not need preservatives, it’s naturally rich in vitamin E and ideal for dry and dull skin. Many skin experts reported on skin improvements and there were lots and lots magically positive results.

Natural Facial Oils for Beautiful Skin

Olive Oil 

You could survive with olive oil as your all purpose beauty kits with the beautiful power of olive oil. You can use a few drops of olive oil to remove make-up, nourish skin and hair. Olive oil also has certain elements that have a slight sun protective effect.

Rose, Camomile and Sweet Almond Oil

Best skin care line for all skin types to restore each to optimum condition. Nourish to very dry skin and which plumper and brighter skin. Removes vertical lines on neck and chest and make them less noticeable. Tones your skin instantly and makes you look as if you have full make up on. Deeper lines round eyes improved and diminishing lip line plumped out.

Orange Flower Oil 

Best for dry, sensitive skin to make it brighter, clearer, smoother, and felt less tight. You must make a big difference to fine lines and notice extra smoothness plumpness of your skin, less fine lines, more bounce and a feeling of ease and skin feels pretty damn good.

Rose Oil with Sunflower Oil

Best to protect for tired, lifeless skin and for balancing combination skin. It makes your skin soft, vibrant and skin felt moisturized. Absolutely enhances radiance. Best anti aging oil and best to soothe acne soreness, redness and scarring. Great make-up base, vanished fines lines, diminished brown spots on hands and facial skin.

Lemon Oil, Orange Oil and Coriander Oil

The best essential oil combination for oily skin. Make oily skin youthful and plump. Enhanced radiance and evened skin tone. Stopped monthly eruptions and break outs.
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