After freshly shave most men feel irritation or burning sensation in their bread and mustache area. An effective natural antiseptic aftershave can cure your skin from infections and gives you a fresh looking face with soft skin but chemical based after shave can increase your problem sometime. So if you want to give your face a fresh and younger look without greasy skin use these natural home made after shave to nourish the skin.

Natural Homemade After Shave Lotions

Aloe Vera Gel and Olive Oil

With normal or oily skin you did not need to add olive oil in Aloe Vera gel. Just massage with Aloe Vera gel after freshly shaved face and leave it for a few minutes then rinse with normal water. If you have dry skin add a few drops of olive oil in Aloe Vera gel on your palm and massage gently. After few minutes washed with normal water. If you have a cut or razor burns after shave it is the best home made natural antiseptic and antibacterial to cure your skin.

Sunflower and Coconut Oil

Boil 5-6 sunflowers in 125 grams coconut oil for 5-6 minutes then filter the oil and keep it in a glass jar with tight lid. Daily use 4-5 drops of this oil for a little massage after shaving. It is best to hydrate your rough skin and vitamin E in coconut oil nourish your skin.

Rosemary Oil and Azadirachta Indica Leaves

Make a paste with 50-60 fresh Azadirachta Indica leaves and mix it in 125 grams rosemary oil. Keep it in a bottle and apply a little massage with a few drops after shaving. Best natural antiseptic with the healing properties of Azadirachta Indica leaves for sensitive skin.
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