Dry and damaged hair can damage your gorgeous personality appearance. Use of different hair tools, hair dying, carelessness, daily shampooing, dust, vitamin E deficiency and prolonged sun exposure is the main cause of dull and dry hairs. Low moisture level due to several reasons is another reason for dry and damaged hair. To keep your hair healthy from the inside out, you must need a healthy diet with vitamins for hair, fats and minerals which can improve healthy hair growth.
To restore dry or damaged hair homemade hair masks are best for  its natural beauty.


1. Aloe Vera, Egg Yolk & Olive Oil Mask

You Need:
Aloe Vera                    4-5 tablespoons
Egg Yolk                      2-3 Yolks (depend on hair length)
Olive Oil                      3-4 tablespoons
Mixing Bowl                1 Medium size
Hairbrush                   1 Pc.
Warm the Olive Oil but not hot (just for 8-10 seconds) and then mix Aloe Vera,Egg Yolks in it. Apply it with a hairbrush on your brittle and dry hair for 4-5 hours (you can use it overnight for best results). Then wash with your shampoo. Daily use for 8-10 days makes a difference and you can get healthy, shiny hair in days.

2. Yogurt, Avocado & Banana Mask

You Need:
Yogurt (full cream)     4-5 tablespoons
Avocado                   3-4 tablespoons (Mashed)
Banana                     1 Medium size
Mixing Bowl               1 Medium size
Hairbrush                  1 Pc.
Mash the flesh part of the avocado and banana. Mix it in yogurt and apply on your damaged dry hair for 2-3 hours. Then wash it with your shampoo. Really works on dry and damaged hair in 10-15 days.

3. Almond Milk, Egg White & Coconut Oil Mask

You Need:
Almond Milk               4-5 tablespoons
Egg White                  3-4 tablespoons
Coconut Oil               1-2 Tablespoons
Mixing Bowl               1 Medium size
Hairbrush                  1 Pc.
Mix all the ingredients in mixing bowl gently and apply it on your hair with brush overnight. Best remedy for dry hair. Use it thrice a week and if hair more damaged than you can use it daily for 8-10 days. Later on use it twice or thrice a week until for the required results.

4. Coconut Milk, Honey & Castor Oil Mask

You Need:
Coconut Milk              3-4 tablespoons
Honey                       1 tablespoon
Castor Oil                  1-2 Tablespoons
Mixing Bowl               1 Medium size
Hairbrush                  1 Pc.
Warm Honey for 5-6 seconds and mix Coconut Milk and Castor Oil in it. Apply it on hair and leave it overnight for best results. Use about once a week keeps your hair healthy and shinny.

5. Strawberry, Honey, Vitamin E & Milk Cream Mask

You Need:
Strawberry Juice         4-5 tablespoons
Honey                        1 tablespoon
Fresh Milk Cream        1-2 Tablespoons
Vitamin E Capsules      1-2 Caps.
Mixing Bowl                 1 Medium size
Hairbrush                    1 Pc.
Mix all the ingredients gently with hairbrush in mixing bowl and apply on your hair for 4-5 hours or overnight. Dry hair will recover in 10-15 days. Best remedy for damaged hair.

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