We can get easily a large number of Sun Protection Formula (SPF) in the market. But some time chemicals in these products can increase skin damage if not suited to your skin texture. For this it is much better to improve your skin quality to produce itself natural SPF. It is a more reliable way to get the SPF naturally with your daily food to cure your skin from damaging. These natural super foods are the best source to get natural SPF against the sun rays.

Natural Sun Protection Formula (SPF) Foods for Skin Care


Those who consumed tomatoes regularly in their diet found more protected against sunburn and have beautiful skin. Lycopene in tomatoes best antioxidant for skin protection against direct sun rays and reduces your skin’s sensitivity to sunburn. If you want to go out just apply thin slices of fresh tomato on your face for 10 minutes and go outside without washing your face. Wash it when you come back. The best natural SPF for all types of skin.


The direct sun rays make us older but spinach is the best protector and keeps our skin younger. If you weekly add spinach in your meal and apply the raw spinach juice daily on your skin then you need not any more products for sun protection.


Carrots have a very good quality not only to repair and protect damaged skin cells but also produce new skin cells. If you drink 1 glass carrot juice before going out you need not to apply any medicated sunscreen to your skin. But if you want to apply something to protect your skin, just dip a cotton swab in carrot juice and rub it smoothly on your face.


One of the best natural sun protection with high level lycopene. In watermelon season if you consume this super fruit daily in your diet it will be the skin protection against any kind of skin diseases and you need not use any sunscreen.


Our skin needs strong immune system against direct UV rays to keep away from damaging and saggy skin. In this regard we need more vitamin C on a regular basis to keep our skin tighten. Strawberry and strawberry juice is the best source to keep your skin tight.
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