No-one likes spots either you are male or female especially teens. We recommend you to use natural magic but the truth is that you need to adopt an integrated, consistent approach and be patient. Some changes in your lifestyle can definitely help, when an angry red spot threatens to ruin an important function or date. Here we recommend and declared the best spot zappers for your beautiful and unique skin.

Natural Tips for Age Facial Spot Removers

Oregano and Clove Buds Oil

Mix few drops of Clove Buds oil in ½ tsp. of Oregano. It zeroes in on blemishes, penetrating pores to break up plugs of the oil, dirt and debris that create a breeding ground for bacteria. Both act as reinforcements, as origins put it, to further cleat out pores and reduce drying and flaking. Start applying it at the first signs of a break-out, with clean cotton but only on the spot , not surrounding the skin. It may sting or tingle slightly (especially on broken skin), though others just felt a cool sensation. Mostly it found very helpful. Within a few hours of application to a large whitehead, it will reduce significantly in size and after another application on second day you will found only a dry mark; but you have to be careful only to put it on the blemish, as it can cause peeling, but it dries up spots quickly, one went overnight and red lumpy spot went on day or two. An excellent tip for all skin types that has a visible effect.

Tea Tree Oil and Fuller's of Earth

Tea tree oil is packed with naturally antiseptic and antibacterial. Fuller's of Earth targets spots you can use it as overnight treatment. It helps prevent over drying. This reduced redness in an aggravated spot. After the spot had dried up, there will no red mark. The spot healed entirely in three or four days.

Dry jojoba and Honey 

Soak 4-5 dry jojoba in one glass water overnight. Next morning filter it and ad 1 teaspoon honey in it. Take it 3-4 times during the day. Within 5-7 days red spots and excellent tip that has a visible effect over your skin.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • Avoid milk products or made with it. Recent research shows that drinking 2-3 glass of milk daily may seriously exacerbate acne. This is possibly due to the hormones it contains; nearly all milk come from pregnant animals-which teenage and adult bodies are not designed to deal with. Swap to organic rice, oat or almond milk, fortified with calcium. Soy milk may suit some, but others are allergic to it.
  • Cut out cheese and cottage cheese, pizza, chocolate, soda and French fries. This may increased the problem.
  • Avoid orange and other citrus fruits and juices for a certain period. These encourage inflammation of the skin.
  • We also recommend taking and increasing food with vitamin A and Zinc.
  • Taking Agnus castus (chaste berry) for females and Saw Palmetto may help to reduce the problem naturally.
  • Avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and sugar, as these all upset blood sugar levels, which affect hormones.
  • Drink up to four cups of herbal teas, sweetened with honey. • Application of pure Aloe Vera gel for one month is much effective for the spots.
  • Pure vitamin E oil or rose hip oil can also help for freshness.
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