Normal/active birth is the term used to describe childbirth when the mother to be is active throughout her labour rather than static and lying in bed. Over the past few years, more and more women have adopted this method of birth because they claim it’s more natural and comfortable than the cesarean. Many women also accept that active/normal physiological birth has the added advantage of better and good health after delivery also reduces possible risks and complication for both. Using painkillers during labour pain could be potentially harmful to the unborn child. Active childbirth is the ideal way to have babies. You use gravity to draw the baby out naturally. These natural tips can increase the chances of a normal physiological birth.

Natural Tips for Normal Delivery/Childbirth

Almond Oil

At the end of the third trimester when the ninth month starts daily mixing 2-3 tablespoons of Almond oil in 1 cup boiled milk and sip it like tea you can add sugar or honey to taste. Daily body massage with almond oil before 2 weeks of delivery is also good for both of you. Not only lubricate your vaginal area for a normal and natural childbirth also helpful for the baby at the time of birth.

Castor Oil

When labor pains start mixing 5-6 tablespoons of Castor oil in one cup warm milk and give it to the mother. Very much helpful to reduce or ease labor pains and enhance natural delivery faster.

Lavender Oil

If you are dealing with high blood pressure during pregnancy period body massage with lavender oil during pregnancy not only help to lower your blood pressure also reduces labor pain.

Warm Bath

When labor pain established try to get into a warm bath or sit in warm water. This will speed up labor and reduces pain naturally.

Some Exercises for Normal Child Birth

  • 1)Stretch the calf muscles help with squatting. Lean against a wall with the upper body relaxed, and push the heel of your back leg against the floor as you breathe out.
  • 2)If you find it difficult to squat comfortably, practice this supported squat, keeping your heels down and your elbows straight.
  • 3)Stretch and tone your inner thigh muscles by sitting on the floor with your legs as wide apart as possible. Relax your thighs and push your heels away from you.
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