Hat do you do when your skin looks a tad washed out and you just feel blah? Here are our top tips for instant sparkle. Eat thing is they don’t cost a mint-in fact, some are free as air.

Natural Tips for Tired Skin Care


It’s the foundation of everything. It calms you down, peps you up and keeps you living. So. If you want to be more alive, practice this simple, quick technique at least twice or more daily for five cycles. Unfold your arms and legs, sit, lie or stand, loosely and close your eyes. With your tongue just behind your top teeth, inhale to a count of four down into your belly; hold for seven (without letting your shoulders rise); exhale through rounded lips for eight. Brilliant for stress control and sex.


If you can, go for a 20 minute walk in the fresh air. If you’re stuck indoors, march on the spot, arms swinging, knees coming up, then speed up and down stairs. Try jumping up and down.

Lemon Water

Sip a glass of warm water, with a squeeze of lemon. Drink at least eight of these daily between meals (so as not to dilute the nutrients in your food).

Hot or Cold Splash

Splash your face with alternating hot and cold water; do this several times. Fill a bowl or small basin with warm water, add two drops of rosemary essential oil or any appeals to you, soak a flannel in it and lay it over your face. Rose flower essence are also wonderful for fresh and beautiful skin.

Fresh Juices

Make, or treat, yourself to a fresh juice. Try detoxing cucumber and melon or revitalizing carrot, apple and ginger. Add a shot of wheat grass if you wish. Some fresh berries with yogurt are loaded with vitamins and best to get rid of tired skin.

Quick Energizers

Rub the rims and the lobes of your ears with your thumb and forefinger; rib and pull your fingers, especially the joints; massage your second little toes, which are linked to the liver, may sound strange but it all works.

Make Up

Make up is a trick, which miraculously makes your eyes sparkle and your face looks alive. Do the concealer bit under your eyes, gloss up your lips.
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