We can improve our mental ability by getting a sharp brain using natural foods with vitamins, which found very many effective without any side effect rather than using pills or any other brain boosting medicines. Our brain is the king of our whole body and a very sensitive important organ which controls our whole body functions. We need to choose for its health very wisely. Omega 3s foods, Vitamin B-complex and Vitamin E strengthens memory power. Eat food and vegetables high in Vitamin E and B-complex.  Some brain exercises, drinking juices and sleeping well are also best for your brain health and memory.

Natural Supper Food Tips to Boost Brain Power

1.  Almonds 

Apples have been shown to be another potent brain food.  Turns out, a healthy diet that includes plenty of vitamin E may help to sharp your memory. People with the highest consumption of vitamin E from food were 25% less likely to develop dementia than those who ate the least amount of vitamin E. Vitamin E is most abundant in almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and green leafy vegetables.
  • Soak 7-8 Almonds in 1/2 cup Rain Water (store the rain water in a glass bottle in rain). Next morning blend these almonds in same water and drink it with an empty stomach. The best natural tonic to charge and recall memory.
  • To increase your memory within 4-6 months crush 500 grams Almonds and mix 10 grams Black Pepper powder in it. Keep it in a glass jar with lid daily take 1 tablespoon with warm milk. The best and effective natural tip to increase memory from older times.
  • Crush 8-10 Almonds and 1-2 tablespoons walnuts, boil it in 1 glass of milk. When it evaporates into half add 1 teaspoon Honey in it and drink it. The best tip to boost your and your child’s memory naturally without any side effect. Also best tonic for growing age.
  • Massage your scalp with Almond oil, and drink a lukewarm cup of milk adding 1 tablespoon Almond oil before sleep. The best natural remedy to increase your memory.
  • Almond milk shake with Honey is the best tonic to increase your memory fast.
  • Grind 12 black peppers and 250 grams Almonds, 100 grams dried dates (chuharay) and 100 grams walnuts kernel. Keep it in a glass jar before using it mix 1 teaspoon honey or natural sugar in 1 tablespoon mixture. Take it with an empty stomach for 1 month. The best tip to get sharp memory.
  • Soak 7 Almonds and 1 teaspoon Poppy seeds (khashkhash) overnight in 1 glass milk. Next morning blends it by adding natural sugar in it. It strengthens your memory power.

2.  Apples

Nowadays we find more people with weak brain and low memory. Eating apple strengthen your brain and drinking apple juice increases your brain power its muscles.
  • Blend 7 Almonds in 1 glass Apple milk shake is the best tonic to recharge your memory.
  • Daily eats 2 apples or its milkshake increases your brain power and memory.
  • Eating 1-2 apples 10 minutes before having breakfast with peel for 1-2 months regularly best brain boosting tips for all ages.

3.  Omega 3 fish oil 

has healing benefits to our whole body. Omega 3 contents are being promoted as amazing power foods. Our body cannot produce it we have to take it in our diet daily. Omega- 3s is good for the brain, eyes, heart, kidney, skin, joints, bones and health. A pregnant woman should also use Omega 3 fatty acids daily in her diet to reduce pregnancy complications. Those who do not get enough Omega-3s Fatty Acid from their mother in the duration of pregnancy have to face many health and mental problems after birth.
  • Salmon fish is rich I Omega 3 fatty acids which reduces inflammation in the brain and improve brain function. Eat 2-3 times weekly in your diet shown best to improve and sharp your memory.
  • Eating a handful walnut 2-3 times weekly is as much beneficial to boost memory.
  • Boil flax seeds in 1 cup milk for 2 minutes and sip it. The best tonic for brain health and memory.

4.  Figs (Anjeer) 

are nutrition, natural medicine fruit for the health of our brain and nervous system. Vitamins, carbohydrate, protein, minerals like iron and fiber in fresh or dried Figs very much beneficial to sharp the memory for all ages.
  • Boil 3 Figs (Anjeer), 5 crushed Almonds ,1 Walnut kernel (giri)  , 2 Green Cardamoms in 1 glass cow milk for 4-5 minutes.  Add honey before having it according to taste . Daily use for 15-20 days will improve your memory.
  • Figs are considered best for sharp memory for this just eat daily 2-3 Figs daily. Within few days must feel improvement in your memory.

5 .  Nigella Seeds

Nigella seeds/Black Cumin (Kalonji) are an excellent and greatest healer for all diseases except death. There is no any disease which could not be treated with Nigella seeds.
  • Mix 5 drops of Nigella seeds oil in 2 tablespoons pure Butter or 2 tablespoons of fresh milk cream and add sugar to taste in it. A gift for those who are dealing with weak brain.
  • Daily eating 10-12 seeds of Nigella with an empty stomach is very effective and helpful for brain function. 

6 .  Ginkgo Biloba

The ginkgo tree has been around for over 150 million years and is one of the oldest and tallest tree species on earth. Individual trees live up to 1,000 years. Ginkgo Biloba proves benefits in patients with less memory after 60 and slow down aging effects that comes with aging. No serious side effects have been reported by people using either gingko. Ginkgo Biloba daily dosage recommended by health experts not more than 40mg per day.  To use Ginkgo Biloba first consult your physician. Other detailed benefits to improve your brain health and functioning are listed below:

Ginkgo Biloba Benefits for Brain

  • Ginkgo is used for improved memory for patients with Dyslexia
  • Memory enhancement and Mental clarity helper
  • Ginkgo Biloba extract benefit works as a brain booster and mind sharper
  • Improves the blood circulation/flow to the brain and prevents red blood cells and platelets from
  • aggregating to clot and prevent blood loss.
  • Deal with fatigue, long term tension, work overload and stress.
  • Improve Alertness and Focus
  • A natural supplement that enhances your mind, memory & thinking, mood and attention
  • Treat psychological disorders such as depression, migraine, Alzheimer’s disease and anxiety.
  • A brain circulation agent
  •  Improve concentration level
  • Ginkgo biloba tree leaves extract has been used therapeutically for millennia
  •  Improves nerve communication
  • Improves cognitive function cause of dementia
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