The tonsils are lumps of lymphocyte tissue in the back of the throat. The tonsils, together with the adenoids at the back of the nose, form part of the lymphatic system, playing an important part in the body’s defense mechanism. They enlarge during early childhood, until the age of about seven, and then they shrink. If your child feels tired, weakness and weakened immune system than it may be the cause of the Tonsils inflammation. Tonsils are lymph tissue located in the right and left side of the esophagus. The tonsils can be the cause to stop child’s development. The swelling is caused by either a viral or bacterial infection. The infection may also spread to the middle ear, and repeated infections may lead to glue ear, a condition in which hearing is impaired. Tonsils patients have to cure their selves from constipation and keep their digestive system better. Here we have some useful effective natural tips to cure Tonsils at home fast.

Natural Tips to Cure and Treat Tonsils

Banslochan (tabasheer) and Green Cardamom to Treat Tonsils

Make a powder with Banslochan (tabasheer) and green cardamom. Apply this powder on your tonsils and press tonsils softly with your first finger for 2-3 minutes. Then lick this powder about 3-4 pinches. Best tip to treat and cure tonsils problem naturally.

Black Mulberry to Treat Tonsils

Eat fresh Black Mulberry (shahtoot) and use its syrup, is one of the best natural way to get rid from tonsils naturally.

Black Currents to Treat Tonsils

Soak 15 Black Currents (munaka) in 1/3 glass of water for 24 hours. Next day blends black currents in the same water and drink it with an empty stomach. Best to get rid of constipation fast and is also for Tonsils.

Pineapple to Treat Tonsils

Use of Pineapple slices and Pineapple juice is best natural treatment for all throat and tonsil infections. During using pineapple keep massage your backbone with almond oil and olive oil before going to sleep.

Heena Leaves to Treat Tonsils

Boil Heena leaves 5 grams, green coriander leaves 6 grams and 2 grams Alum powder in 1 glass water. Gargling with this water is very much beneficial to treat tonsils at home. After gargling mix 1 gram Alum with 2 grams Honey and apply it on your tonsils with your finger tips. Within few days tonsils will remove out.

Mustard Oil to Treat Tonsils

Wet a cotton cloth piece and make 3 folds, drop a few drops of mustard oil over it. Band it on your tonsil area overnight. It is one of the best and old tip to get rid fast of tonsil inflammation.

Onion to Treat Tonsils

Mash Onion and apply this paste on your Tonsils affected area. It reduces throat swelling, inflammation and pain.

Milk with Glycerin to Treat Tonsils

Drinking milk with a little amount of glycerin and Honey is also beneficial to treat Tonsils.

Fennel Seeds to Treat Tonsils

Chewing Fennel seeds (saunf) with natural sugar is helpful and effective to treat Tonsils.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • 1)Soft food has to be served.
  • 2)Plenty of ice cream soothes the throat.
  • 3)Always avoid using citric foods.
  • 4)Avoid using too much hot or cold food and water.
  • 5)More use of seasonal vegetables, fruits and use of Milk are very helpful to cure tonsils.
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