Chickenpox is caused by the common varicella zoster virus which usually strikes children under 10 years of age, producing a rash and a fever. Once someone has had chickenpox they are then almost certain to be immune. For most people, chickenpox is just a fading memory of early childhood. But although this infection is most often associated with the early part of the life cycle, it may remain in a passive form inside the body, eventually reemerging during old age in the painful form of shingles. Chicken pox is easily transmitted and, as such, it is almost inevitable hat children will pick up the virus from one another at some time. Its spreads also helped by it being very infectious for about five days before it first becomes visible on the sufferer’s body in the form of a rash. In children, chickenpox first appears in the form of irritable red spots on the upper body, arms, legs, face, behind the ears and in the mouth. These spots become blisters and about five days after they first appear they dry and become scabs which, in turn, remain on the body for about another five days. The best way to avoid catching chickenpox is to avoid those who have the infection. If that is the case you should make sure you consult a doctor immediately. Although you should only suffer chickenpox once, the virus does not actually leave your body completely. Here we have some useful tips to cure chicken pox at home.

Natural Tips to Cure Chicken Pox (Lakra Kakra)

Wild Mustard (Khub Kalan) and Black Currant (Munaka)

Boil 1-2g Wild Mustard (khub kalan) and 4-5 Black Currant in 1 liter water for 4-5 minutes. Place it to cool and give it to the patient 5-6 times during the day or ½ cup after every hour. One of the best and natural remedy to treat and cure chickenpox naturally at home not only reduces the blisters also decreases the temperature.

Mung Beans (Mong Dal)

Using mung beans (mong dal) from the first day in any form roasted or cooked with rice can be very effective to control and cure chickenpox.  

Indica (Neem) Leaves

Drinking Neem leaves bitter extract is the best natural tip to cure from all kinds of bacteria. Using boiled water in your bathtub helps to control the itchiness and irritation from chicken pox.

Carrot Juice

Daily take 3-4 glasses of Carrot juice during the day to cure and treat chicken pox naturally.
Ginger Tea
Take one cup of Ginger tea 2-3 times daily this will reduce the size of chickenpox and cure it from spreading. Adding lemon juice is also beneficial to the problem.

What to Avoid and What to Add

  • 1)It is important to prevent the infected child scratching spots as this can result in ugly marks remaining on the body after the infection has passed. One of the simplest methods of treatment is to cut the child’s fingernails.
  • 2)Dabbing calamine lotion on the spots will also soothe the pain and paracetamol can be used to ease suffering.
  • 3)One very effective treatment for chickenpox is a bath oil of soya oil and oatmeal is best to remove the spots naturally. It moisturizes the skin and smooth out the rough coating on the chicken pox spots.
  • 4)The patient should also ensure the increase intake of liquids such as milkshakes or ice cream.
  • 5)Avoid taking Garlic and Onion totally or even smelling it because this may increase the infection.
  • 6)At the first sign of shingles make sure you consult your doctor. If this infection is spotted quickly, prescribed drugs can attack it effectively. If not, the sufferer is likely to undergo serious pain for weeks or months afterwards.
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