Acute Gastritis is known as inflammation in the stomach. Medicines such Aspirin and Phenylbutazone medicines for joint pain damages stomach lining and walls. Excessive consumption of Alcohol is also cause of Acute Gastritis. Taking alcohol, coffee, tea and lemon juice with an empty stomach can increase the chance of gastritis. Eating hot meals is one of the other causes of Acute Gastritis. When hot meals enters in your stomach damages the stomach inner lining and walls which slow down or stop blood circulation in the stomach walls and stomach walls become red, irritating and sometimes even start bleeding in some cases. It may gradually lead to chronic ulcers. An increase of Uric acid in our blood also can be the cause of acute gastritis. Some useful remedies to treat Acute Gastritis can be very helpful in place of using higher potency medicines. Symptoms of Acute Gastritis Not feeling hunger especially at breakfast. Vomiting and sometimes blood in vomit or stool Feeling burnt in the stomach. Feeling pain in the belly and under rib area Weakness and Fatigue Low blood levels or HB level.

Natural Tips to Cure Acute Gastritis

Papaya Seeds for Gastritis

Dry Papaya Seeds in the sun and make a powder daily sprinkle this powder on Pineapple slices and eat it daily with an empty stomach.

Green Cardamom with Fennel Seeds for Gastritis

Take Seeds of Green Cardamom, Fennel Seeds and Cinnamon in equal quantity and fry in a dry pan just for 20-30 seconds. Crush them all and keep it take ½ teaspoon after every meal.

Black Salt for Gastritis

Having 2-3 Pinches of Black Salt daily after every meal for 1-2 months removes all causes gastritis and ulcers.

Parsley Juice for Gastritis

Daily squeeze Parsley pure juice 2-3 tablespoon and add 1 pinch of black salt, black pepper powder  in it. Drink it daily 3 times during the day. It will also improve your hunger.

Ginger and Onion Juice for Gastritis

Ginger is the best herb for healing stomach. Mix Ginger and Onion juice in equal quantity and take it daily twice a day for relief from inflammation, nausea and irritation of the stomach.

Honey for Gastritis

Add 2 tablespoons Honey Bee in lukewarm water and drink it daily with an empty stomach. It decreases acidity and cure stomach walls naturally.

Olive Oil for Gastritis

Drink 1 tablespoon Olive Oil in hot or warm cup of milk daily early in the morning with an empty stomach cure the stomach from irritation and best treatment for gastritis.

Nigella Seeds (kolonji) for Gastritis

Daily eating ¼ teaspoon Black Onion Seeds/Nigella Seeds (kolonji) cure the stomach and best natural treatment for Acute Gastritis. Eating Black onion seeds continuously removed ulcers and even stomach cancer.

Oats with Honey for Gastritis

Oatmeal Porridge with Honey daily at breakfast is found to be very beneficial to cure Acute Gastritis and Ulcers. Psyllium Husk, Banana and Yogurt for Gastritis Add 2-3 tablespoons of Psyllium (ispaghol) in 1 cup yogurt and add 1 Banana in it. Daily eats it ½ hour before taking breakfast. Very much beneficial for stomach health.
Best Foods that included in gastritis diet:
Yogurt, Carrot juice, Coconut water, Honey, Oatmeal, Fresh fruits and vegetables, Green leafy vegetables. Low fat foods

Foods to be excluded from a gastritis diet:

Alcohol, Beans, Cocoa, Coffee, Tea, Lemon and Orange juice, Red meat, Spicy foods.

What to Add and What to Avoid for Acute Gastritis  

    • 1)Must try to take your breakfast early morning. Empty stomach for long time increases causes of Gastritis. Daily drink 8-10 glasses of water to flush out bacteria from the stomach. 
    • 2)Avoid overeating . 
    • 3)Divide your meals into smaller portions after every 3 to 4 hours in place of heavy meals. 
    •  4)Eat slowly and make sure to chew properly. It will make the digestion process easier. 
    • 5)Totally cut off from your list fast foods and especially spicy foods.
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