Want to know how to grow taller faster for a confidant personality? It adds confidence both in Teenage girls & boys. Extra weight might give your appearance shorter look than your actual height and lean and thin body looks taller. It is possible with proper Diet, Exercise and Deep Sleep to achieve a decent height and weight. The main factor which affects on your growing height is your Genes. So keep in your mind first if your parents are short than you can just improve you growth and height 15% to 25% during teenage period but not more than this.
Psychologically if you have some problems or tensions during your teenage period it also effect on your growth and height.
But during teenage which is the most affective years in growing age, you can improve your growth and height naturally with the help of these wonderful tips.

Healthy Food to Grow Taller

For healthy muscles and bone you need to add daily in your food  a healthy amount of Protein, Calcium, Vitamins and minerals. Because diet seriously affects your height and growth. So this is all in your hands to change your personality shorter into taller. Boost your growth hormones with excellent diet plans to grow taller naturally. In growing age calcium is very important for your bones. If your bones are healthy then you can grow taller faster.

Natural Foods and Tips to Grow Taller Faster

  1. Clavicle Preserve (Baans ka muraba) is the best tip to improve your height naturally. Daily eating with 1 glass milk 100 grams Clavicle Preserve (Baans ka muraba) with an empty stomach for 2-3 months must make a noticeable change in your height.
  2. If you want to grow tall use fish oil (Omega-3s fatty acids) for 30 days and after a 30 day break use it again for 15 days. It really works.
  3. Eating small meals daily 5-6 times instead of 3 big and heavy meals. But your last meal must be taken before sleeping at least 2-3 hours. Because heavy meals convert and store proteins into fat. Small meals convert into nutrients and energy for your body.
  4. Calcium: Rich Calcium is very important for our healthy bones. For this purpose use daily at least two glass milk and a glass of Orange juice with your breakfast. Calcium is the food of bones you should take in your daily diet Milk,Milk products and Vitamin C  in a good amount for growing taller faster. You can use fresh fruits and vegetables for this purpose. With nutritional diet your bones become taller. Dried Figs, Green Veggies, white beans and sesame seeds are also good source for calcium.
  5. Proteins: Healthy Protein is essential to the human body. Protein is healthy for bones, Muscles and skin. Protein gives us energy and strength. Yogurt,eggs, meat, Fish, lean meat, Soya beans, cheese, watermelon beans, whole grains and dry fruits are very good source of Proteins.
  6. Vitamin D: Vitamin D helps to absorb Calcium in your body. Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. Salmon Fish, Tuna Fish, Liver, Pork, Egg Yolk, Mushrooms and Cheese are the best sources of Vitamin D.

Body Exercise to Grow Taller Faster:

  1. Jumping and stretching exercises for 20-30 minutes daily effectively work for your muscles, joints and bones. Growth and height of the spinal column is very important to grow taller. Exercise must be safe, easy and effective. Drinking apple or banana milk shake to boost your body before exercise.
  2. Grow taller by hanging is one the best exercise. By hanging you can straight and lengthen your spine. Stretch your body parts one by one daily. Swimming and just walking are also essential in growing taller. 
  3. Yoga, Cobra exercise, Double forward bends exercise, Pedaling exercise, backward bend are helpful to grow taller.

Tension Free Sleeping:

  • The spine lengthens during sleep because during sleeping your body in relaxed position grow well. Discs of spine lengthen and improve during stress free sleeping. Sleep for 9-10 hrs per night can increase your growth and height. 
  • Sleep in an effective position to improves growth hormones . Use comfortable and firm mattress. Hard surface aligns your spine in straight and natural position.  Your room smells good and lights must be ‘Off’ because the light makes your brain awake. Human growth improves with deep sleep.  If you feel the problem with your neck and back than remove your high pillow. Keep your body in a straight position. Keep moving your body on your bed.
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