Stress, depression, anxiety, worries, pregnancy and some diseases may be the main causes of appetite lacking. Weight gaining is more easy than struggling for loose weight fast. But it is possible with your own struggle and interest. There are a number of home remedies to increase appetite or hunger. Try the following new home made remedies are also positively effective to increase your hunger for a healthy figure.

Natural Tips to Increase Hunger/Appetite

Coriander Leaves to Increase Appetite

For a sparkling hunger for growing children easily, quickly and effectively just take Coriander leaves extracts or juice 1-2 tablespoons daily.
Sour Pomegranate Juice to Increase Appetite
Best natural syrup remedy to enhance your appetite. Mix sweet Pomegranate juice 100 grams, sour Pomegranate juice 100 grams, Apple juice 250 grams, Lemon Juice 250 grams, Mint leaves juice 250 grams and 250 grams Natural Sugar (mishiri) to make a syrup. A wonderful natural remedy which not only improves your hunger but also decreases your stomach and liver problems. Very useful and effective remedy for Diarrhea.

Mango with Ginger Juice to Increase Appetite

During the Mango season, add 2-3 pinches of dried ginger powder in 1 glass of pure Mango juice and drink it daily 2 times during the whole day. Must increase your hunger. If you are feeling your stomach is not working well and not feels the hunger in time. Just take Orange slices and sprinkle dried ginger powder and black salt over these slices. By eating daily for one week you will feel an improvement in your hunger definitely.

Coriander Seeds to Increase Appetite

To digest your eating food and to improve your hunger mix Coriander Seed powder 5 tablespoons, Black pepper powder 2 tablespoons and Salt 2 teaspoons. Keep it in a glass jar and use 3-4 pinches after every meal with water.

Carom Seeds and Dried Ginger Powder to Increase Appetite

To improve your hunger and strengthen your stomachs just use this useful remedy. Mix Carom Seeds and Dried Ginger Powder in equal quantity and soak it in Ginger juice. Dry it at room temperature when it becomes dry grind it and mix salt in it to taste. Daily use it twice in a day 3-4 pinches with water. The best remedy to improve your health by improving your appetite or hunger.

Green Cardamom, Fennel Seeds and Cumin Powder to Increase Appetite

Mix Green Cardamom powder, Fennel Seed powder and Cumin seeds powder in equal quantity fry it just for 10-15 seconds in a dry pan and keep it in a glass jar. Just take 4-5 pinches with water after every meal. Digestive aid remedy for relieving stomach upset and must improve your appetite to make your lean figure into healthy figure.

Dried Plum and Tamarind to Increase Appetite

Soak overnight 8-10 dried Plums and 2-3 tablespoons of Tamarind in 4-5 glasses of water. Next morning strain out Plum and Tamarind seeds, then grind and add ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder, ½ teaspoon salt, and 4-5 tablespoons sugar in it. Drink it daily with an empty stomach to enhance your hunger.

Mint Leaves with Yogurt to Increase Appetite

Mix Mint leaves in Yogurt and 2-3 pinches of black pepper powder. Have it daily with your every meal, must enhance your hunger and improves your digestive system.

Fruits to Increase Appetite

Daily eating Peach, Papaya and Jamun fruits are best to increase appetite. Fruits are very beneficial to improve hunger and best for stomach and liver health too. They prompt the body into making more digestive juices and digestive enzymes.

Watermelon to Increase Appetite

Sprinkle black pepper powder, cumin powder and black salt on the watermelon slices before eating it. Best to improve appetite or sparkling hunger naturally.

Almond and Fennel Seeds with Dates to Increase Appetite

To enhance appetite/hunger grind Fennel seeds with Almonds and make a thick paste with honey and mashed dates. Eat daily 1 tablespoon 1 hour before starting your each meal. Not only improve your hunger but also increase your body weight.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • 1)Eat slowly to enable your stomach to digest it quicker.
  • 2)Must drink daily 8-10 glasses of water, it improves the appetite. But avoid to drink in between your meal and after eating your meal. Its better for your health drink 1/2 hour before starting your meal.
  • 3)Avoid taking daily fast and fatty foods.
  • 4)Eating Brinjal weekly in your food can enhance your hunger level by strengthen your stomach.
  • 5)Take a good rest for 8-10 hours daily.
  • 6)Try to take your daily exercise to increase appetite.
  • 7)Avoid taking alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and more tea.
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