Dropping off your sexual desire is totally related to shortage of sex hormones which can be enhanced naturally with estrogen food in a better way. Because increasing sexual appetite in women is much harder than men. To boost female sex drive, hormones, stimulation brain and vitality, the estrogen food is the best and safe way to elevate the female libido. Estrogen food maintains your interest in sex, sexual satisfaction and sexual organ health. It is balanced by the hormone progesterone during menstrual periods. When middle age women reduce taking estrogen food or increase taking birth control pills, loses their sexual desire or appetite.  Use these foods that are high in estrogen level to spark your love hormones (libido) and for the better health of your genitals.

Natural Tips to Increase Female Libido

Nigella (klonji), Mustard Seeds and Olive Oil

Mix 200 g nigella seeds powder in 50 g pure honey and mix 50 g olive oil in it. Keep it in a jar and take ½ teaspoon with milk after every meal to increase female libido naturally. Sesame seeds with Fennel Seeds and Jaggery Grind to make a mixture with all these ingredients in equal quantity and keep them in a jar. Daily take before going to bed 1 tablespoon full with a lukewarm glass of milk elevate your sex hormones.

Cinnamon Powder with Warm Milk

Daily take ¼ teaspoon with warm milk daily especially before going to sleep and watch the amazing effects.

Radish Seeds

Daily eating 8-10 radish seeds early in the morning with normal water is very much effective to increase female libido.
Carrots with Dry Nuts
Boil and cook crushed 1 kg carrots in 1 kg cow’s milk on low flame for 1 hour. Now mash carrots and add ½ kg natural sugar, 250 g cow’s butter in it. Now mix sweet almonds kernels 50 g, walnut kernels 20 g, crushed powder of coconut 50 g and pistachio kernels 20 g. Daily take 1-2 tablespoons early in the morning on an empty stomach but before eating wrap it in silver paper.

Strawberry with Yogurt

Eating yogurt with strawberries is good to boost sexual hormones in females. Vitamin C and amino acid in this mixture helps to control blood circulation and improve your mood.

Figs with Milk

Figs are the best food to balance your estrogen level by loosing your extra fats that can cause to lower down your libido or sexual stamina. Take 3-5 dried figs daily with a glass of milk to boost your love hormones and sexual sensitivity naturally.

Saffron Milk with Almonds

Boiled milk with saffron and crushed almonds best essential food to enhance female libido. Almonds smell is best to boost female sexual desire.

Banana Milk Shake

Vitamin B, potassium and protein in banana milk shake is best to increase sexual energy level and female libido. Eating raw banana can solve many other sexual health problems in females.p>
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