Scanty Sperms is one of the common problem in men. Stress, anxiety, fear, some diseases and medication side effects are the main causes of scanty sperm production which leads to infertility. But nature has always a solution for our all problems. Some medication or steroids may effect temporarily but it also make a big health problem for you in future. Natural foods are the best sources to deal with this problem without any side effect.

Natural Tips to Increase Scanty Sperm Count


If you want to get strong and healthy sperm than start eating daily a handful of WALNUTS. Natural source of Omega-3 which boost sperm DNA quality and strengthen it within 80-90 days. Walnuts is the best natural source to deal with scanty sperm problem.

Dates with Banyan Tree Milk

Take 250 grams Ajwa Dates and pluck out its seeds. Fill these dates with Banyan tree milk (boharkadoudh) than boil these dates in 2 liters of cow milk until it evaporates into ½ liter. Mash dates in it and keep it in a glass jar. Daily eats 1 tablespoon of this mixture. The best and effective tip for scanty sperms production.

Figs with Almonds and Dry Dates

Eating Figs with 2 Almonds and 2 dry dates for few weeks with an empty stomach, permanently solve your problem of scanty sperms count.

Omega 3 and Vitamin A

Salmon, Tuna and Mackerel - Fatty Fish For higher and stronger quality of semen, eat more fatty fish in your daily diet. Omega-3 fatty acids improve dopamine levels in the brain. Vitamin A in it also enhance sperm production and quality. In other words your sperm become more wise, strong and healthy.

Almond and Milk

To double the semen quantity and to increase the fertilization rate use daily Almonds and Milk or Almond Milkshake in your meal. It also stop semen leakage problem. Vitamin E and L-Arginine in it improve the quality and make the sperm strong.

Orange and Pomegranate

To decrease the risk of DNA damage and semen abnormalities in all ages daily drink 2-3 glass of Orange or Pomegranate juice. It works as antioxidant. Vitamin C in it lessen ratio of sperm damage and make your semen upgrade because which chemical destroys sperm called malondialidehyde Pomegranate and Orange juice decrease this chemical from the blood.


The zinc in oysters increase sperm quantity and production. Zinc should increase one’s ejaculate volume significantly. Those who are facing with the problem of low sperm count or scanty sperm, daily take for Zinc Oysters, red meat, banana, pumpkin seeds and egg in their diet.


Dehydration can cause of low and weak sperm count. Drink at lease 8-10 glasses /day of water or juices but not use caffeine beverages. Water is Best choice to choose for your health. Sperm cells inside of the semen continue living and control its temperature with water.Thin and watery semen will dilute with water more quickly than thicker semen.
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