The discomfort of menstrual pain is usually linked by pain in the lower abdomen, rather like cramp, which rarely lasts for more than a day. The pain may sometimes also be felt in the back or down the thighs. And in some cases it may even be accompanied by vomiting and fainting.
Mostly females suffer with premenstrual cramp/pain due to some hormonal changes and low supply of oxygen to the uterus muscles tissue. Which also causes blood clots during menses and you must notice that when blood comes in clots you feel more pain.
Stress is also the main cause of period pain who afraid of periods is far more likely to suffer pain than those who relaxed and calmly prepared for it.
Primary and secondary are the two type of dysmenorrhoea. The primary type is more common and generally starts soon after puberty. Secondary dysmenorrhoea can occur after years of painless periods.
Deficiencies of vitamins and minerals are the basic cause of uterus contractions and low oxygen level in blood. Natural tips treatments are more effective and safe to treat this problem without any side effect. 

Natural Tips to Reduce Periods Pain/Dysmenorrhoea

Saffron with Milk for Menstrual Cramps/Dysmenorrhoea

Start drinking 2 pinches of Saffron in boiled cup of milk, 2-3 days before starting periods. You can add almonds and other dry fruits in it too. Drink it daily before going to sleep. It will relax your overall body veins tightness and reduces premenstrual cramps.

Ginger Tea for Menstrual Cramps/Dysmenorrhoea

Make Ginger tea with a teabag and a small piece of fresh ginger root you can add milk in it as optional. One of the best and effective tip for premenstrual cramp reliever. Apricot Milk Shake for Menstrual Cramps/Dysmenorrhoea Blend 4/5 Fresh Apricot in 1 glass of Milk and drink it daily with an empty stomach till starting of your periods/menses. Or eating dried apricot is also beneficial for premenstrual cramp.

Fennel Seeds and Jaggery for Menstrual Cramps/Dysmenorrhoea

Start eating 1 or 2 teaspoons Fennel seeds with crushed Jaggery daily before starting your menses it relieve premenstrual pain positively. You can also use it as tea by boiling in a cup of water.

Cinnamon for Menstrual Cramps/Dysmenorrhoea

Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to relieve pain. Just boil it in water and sip it like tea to get relief from period’s pain. It will also ease your body muscles.

Camphore (Kafoor) for Menstrual Cramps/Dysmenorrhoea

Mix 2-3 pinches of Camphore (kafoor) in wheat flour and make a dough. Make 4 pills of this dough. Take 1 pill after every 6 hours during the day. Within few days problem will solved.
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