Joints are unions between two or more bones. The stability or strength of a joint depends on several factors. There are four types of joints in our bodies.
  • Bony Joints – Hip Joints – The strongest type of joints.
  • Cartilaginous joints – Joints in the spine – Allow limited movement.
  • Fibrous Joints – Flat bones – The skull is made up of relatively flat bones (fibrous Joints)
  • Synovial Joints – The majority of the joints in the body are synovial – Knee, elbow, ankle etc.
Almost everyone over the age of 30 has some degree of joints pain. Pain is an inflammatory condition of the joints and may be extremely painful. At the pressure point there is a small fluid filled pad, called a bursa. Inflammation of the bursa may occur as a result of local irritation of strain. Joints pain is common in housewives, retired sportspeople, especially those who have suffered injuries of one sort of another. In the early stages joints pain can be treated with weight reduction (if necessary) because this may relieve the strain on the joint. Lose 10 to 15 percent of your weight. It will make a good difference in your joint bearing. Diet is the major factor to reduce the joint pain. Using lower Protein and animal fats may cause of joint problems. Constipation is related to joints and toxins. Digestive weakness reabsorbed back into the blood which effects on joints. If you have joint problem it can be worse during pregnancy. Hormone Relaxing is released into your system during pregnancy. During pregnancy period try to reduce joint pain. Exercise, power walk, swimming is helpful for your pain. Bad weight gain is bad news for pregnancy. For swelling during pregnancy Protein and Magnesium and vitamin D can make the swelling go away. Antibiotic treatments for joint pains are not reliable; most of the painkiller and drugs damages your stomach and have many side effects. Here we have some useful and effective home remedies to get rid from this unbearable joint pain.

Natural Tips and Remedies for Joints Pain

Flax seeds with Jaggery Syrup for joints Pain

Make a thick syup with 1 kg water and 500 g curshed jaggery (gurr). Off the flame and mix 250 g flaxed seeds in it and leave it to cool. You can add nuts and dry fruits in too. Now make small pills with this mixture. Daily take 1-2 pills before having your every meal. Omega 3 and 6 in flax seeds is best to treat joints pain and for healthy joints.

Calotropis (Aak) Tree Root, Nigella Seeds and Carom Seeds for Joints Pain

Make a powder with 250 g dried Calotropis (Aak) tree root, 250 g carom seeds and 250 g nigella seeds. Keep this powder in a glass bottle. Daily take 1 or ½ teaspoon with milk or fresh water before having your every meal. Highly beneficial for joints pain and healthy joints. Eating this powder twice or thrice a week always keeps your joints heathy and strong.

Brinjal and Cloves Joints Pain

Take Brinjal 1 - medium size, Sesame Seeds Oil 2 – Kg, Cloves (Long) - As required to Pinch, Iron Utensil 1- for boiling. Take one medium size Brinjal and cover it fully by pinching Cloves (long) in it but avoid pinching upper green part. Dip it in 2 kg Sesame seed oil (Metha Teil) completely or put the oil in that iron utensil in which Brinjal dip completely. Put it on the stove on low flame overnight. Next morning off the stove and leave it to cool. Filter it with a cotton cloth piece and keep it in a glass jar with tight lid. Daily take a smooth massage on your joints or back with a few drops of this oil (avoid taking a hard massage) before going to bed and cover the affected area with warm cloth. Within few days you will get rid of joints, arthritis and back pain. Weekly 1 or 2 times massage keeps your joints from any pain and swelling.

Ginger Powder with Oils for Joints Pain

Take Olive Oil 100 grams, Pumpkin Seeds Oil 100 grams, Carom Seeds Oil 100 grams, Cloves Oil 100 grams and Ginger Powder 2-3 tablespoons. Mixable all Oils in saucepan and add ginger powder in it. Put on the stove with low flame and burn this ginger powder in these oils. Off the flame when ginger powder seems black, filter it when cools down. Store it in a bottle with a lid. Massage for 10-15 minutes with this oil twice a day especially before going to sleep. After Massage cover the affected area with woolen cloth for 25-30 minutes at least. It works marvelously and quickly on joint pain, inflammation and swelling. With a continuing use of this remedy your joints will become healthier and stronger.

Walnut Tree Skin with White Turmeric and Fish Oil Joints Pain

Take Egg Yolk 2-3 , Walnut tree skin Powder 2 tablespoons, Castor Oil 2-3 tablespoons, Fish Oil 1-2 tablespoons and White Turmeric (amba haldi) Powder 4-5 tablespoons. Mix all ingredients in Egg yolks and make a thick paste in a pane. Heat up slightly on the stove for just 5-10 seconds not cooks. Apply this paste quickly when it warms up on your affected joints and bandit with a cotton cloth. Leave it over night and remove it the next morning. Wash the area with lukewarm water with Epsom salt. You will feel pain has been removed effectively. Quick and affect remedy for joints pain and health especially for injured joints pains.

Walnut and Turmeric for Joints Pain

Take Milk 2 cups, Almond Oil 1-2 tablespoons (Crushed), Walnuts 1 tablespoon (Crushed) and  Turmeric Powder  ¼ teaspoon (quarter teaspoon). Boil all the ingredients in milk for 8-10 minutes. When milk evaporates into 1 cup sip it like tea. Continued use of this remedy for one month will strengthen you joints inner health.

Papaya Seeds for Joints Pain

Papaya Seeds 1-2 tablespoons, Tea bag 1- one, Honey 1 teaspoon, Black Pepper 1-2 pinch and Water 2 cups. Boil Papaya seeds in water for 8-10 minutes. Then add teabag in it and boil again for 1-2 minutes. Filter it and add Honey and black pepper before you have it. Use it daily 2-3 times for painful joints.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Species that live in cold water contain important omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s can not only reduce heart disease but also help lift depression, ease joint pain related to inflammation, and possibly even promote weight loss. Fish such as salmon and rainbow trout are packed with healthy Omega-3 acids. You should continue to eat at least two portions of fish a week.

Ginger Tea for Joints Pain

Ginger Tea is one of the oldest and effective remedy for joint pain and swelling. Ginger oil massage on the affected area on a regular basis can reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • 1)Do not overload your joints. Take rest during the daytime.
  • 2)To reduce pain use ice pack this can be very useful to reduce pain and stiffness.
  • 3)Fasting is also helpful to reduce pain and swelling.
  • 4)Use of Fish or Fish oil (omega-3s) best to reduce joints pain. Omega 3 fatty  also helps to keep your joints healthy.
  • 5)Fresh fruits and vegetables find very helpful in joints pain.
  • 6)Dry fruit and nuts also help to reduce joint pain.
  • 7)Proper exercise is very useful and beneficial for joints and muscles.
  • 8)The foot joint problem can cause damage the entire lower body specially knee and hip pain. Use comfortable shoes to get rid naturally of foot pain.
  • 9)Red Pepper, Turmeric and spearmint are effective for joint pains.
  • 10)It has been experienced after taking Ginger; patients significantly relieve pain and swelling.
  • 11)Tart cherry juice has amazing healing and pain relief benefits.
  • 12)Pineapples used for centuries to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • 13)Keep moving to prevent your joints from joint pain. Daily exercise is very helpful. Even if you are at your work place try to move after every one hour.
  • 14)The most effective way to prevent arthritis is “JOGGING”.
  • 15)Stop smoking because it burns the oxygen in your body which is harmful to your joints.
  • 16)Take hot or warm shower it good for your muscles and joints.
  • 17)Professional therapists also advise to take massage at the time of your bath.
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