Cold sores are small blisters on the skin’s surface which are caused by the Herpes simplex virus. After you have been infected for the first time by Herpes simplex, which usually appears initially in the form of ‘flu’ the virus will move into your nerve cells where it will remain inactive for long periods of time. It will then reappear at a later time, but usually only one or twice a year and most commonly as a cold sore on the lips of the sufferer. If you suffer from cold sores you will probably find that they afflict you when you are already feeling a bit under the weather. It may be that you are already suffering from a severe cold or you may be finding it difficult to cope with either extremely hot or cold temperatures such as a heat wave or a cold snap. It is unlikely the sore should bother you for any longer than two weeks and although it will itch and annoy you there should not be any serious or long lasting side effects. If, however, you find that a cold sore is causing you some serious discomfort you should consult your doctor or use these natural best tips to heal and treat the problem.

Natural Tips to Treat Cold Sores

Psyllium Husk with Yogurt to Treat Cold Sores

Mix 2-3 tablespoons of Psyllium Husk (Ispaghol) in 1 bowl of Yogurt and daily take it with an empty stomach before your breakfast.

Psyllium Husk with Sandalwood Syrup to Treat Cold Sores

Mix Psyllium Husk in Sandalwood syrup and mix it in one glass of water. Drink 2-3 times daily to treat cold sores effectively.

Lemon Water to Treat Cold Sores

Take 4-5 glasses of Lemon juice with water it will remove stomach inflammation and reduces itching naturally. Applying lemon balm is very much effective for cold sores.

Green Tea with Lemon Juice to Treat Cold Sores

Green tea with lemon juice drops and honey is a good antioxidant on a cold sore. Take 2-3 cups during the day. Application of honey is also a best natural ointment for cold sore.

Mint Leaves Tea to Treat Cold Sores

Mint leaves tea with lemon juice drops best to treat cold sores blisters and reduces unpleasant appearance. Applying a paste of mint leaves on cold sores best to remove and heal the problem naturally.

Carrot Juice with Lime or Orange Juice to Treat Cold Sores

Drinking carrot juice with lime or orange juice is best to treat cold sores within 2-3 days. Vitamin C is best to treat cold sore and will never pop out.

Cold Compress to Treat Cold Sores

Cold compress application for 15-20 minutes also reduces pain, swelling and redness.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • 1)Avoid touching any part of the cold sore.
  • 2)Avoid touching your eyes when you have a cold sore infection and take extra care when applying or removing make-up.
  • 3)Do not kiss people, especially children, when you have a cold sore.
  • 4)Avoid having oral sex when either you or your partner is suffering from a cold sore. This may lead to genital herpes.
  • 5)Avoid breaking the blister or picking at the scab which appears on your cold sore. Not only are you likely to infect your fingers with the virus, but you may infect the sore with other germs.
  • 6)Do not share your eating or drinking utensils, especially with children.
  • 7)Do not share towels or face cloths with other people in your household.
  • 8)Wash your hands thoroughly if you accidentally touch a cold sore or when apply the medicine.
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