When you feel a burning and tingling sensation inside your mouth and find painful white or yellow sore on the tongue, inner side of the cheek , gums and lips it is the sign of mouth ulcer. Hormonal imbalance, skin disease, food allergies, stress and constipation are the common causes of mouth ulcers. Some time patient cannot sleep or eat with this pain. Home made remedies are more effective than others to get rid of mouth ulcers. Here we have some best and effective home treatments to cure and treat this problem naturally at home.

Natural Tips to Treat Mouth Ulcers

Camphor and Catechu to Treat Mouth Ulcers

Make a powder in equal quantity of Camphor (Kafur) and Catechu (Katha). Apply this powder on mouth boils 3-4 times during the day. The best tip removes mouth ulcer and inflammation within a few days.

Banana with Yogurt to Treat Mouth Ulcers

Mash ripe Banana in cow Yogurt and take it daily with an empty stomach. The best tip to cure mouth ulcers by curing your digestive system.

Green Coriander and Mint Leaves Juice to Treat Mouth Ulcers

Compress green Coriander and mint leaves juice with a little cotton ball. Apply it on boils after every one hour. Best and effective tip to cure mouth ulcer.

Borax Powder to Treat Mouth Ulcers

Mix 1 tablespoon Borax powder, 1 tablespoon Glycerin and mix it in 15 grams Honey. Apply it on mouth wounds to treat ulcers.

Dry Gooseberry in Coconut Milk to Treat Mouth Ulcers

Soak dry Gooseberry in Coconut milk overnight and make a paste in same milk. Regular application for 6-7 days is best to treat mouth ulcers.

Basil Leaves to Treat Mouth Ulcers

Boil Basil Leaves in water for 2 minutes and place it to cool. Gargle with it 2-3 times during the day.

Henna Leaves to Treat Mouth Ulcers

Soak 1 tablespoon Alkanet (Mehndi, Henna) in 1 cup of water. Filter it after a few minutes and gargle with it 3-4 times during the day. Best home remedy to get relief fast from mouth boils/ulcers.

Tooth Paste to Reduce Mouth Boils Inflammation

To reduce inflammation fast just applies tooth paste on to boil.
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