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Feeling excessive tiredness in middle age is a common problem in women after even a normal physical activity. Anemia, imbalance diet, diabetes, arthritis, sleeping disorders, dehydration, smoking, more intake of alcohol and other diseases are the main causes of this kind of tiredness. We have some simple natural ways to boost your energy level to keep yourself from excessive tiredness.

Natural Ways to Boost Female Energy

Almonds to Boost Female Energy

Almond oil and almonds have magical energy booster for females. Daily add 1 teaspoon almond oil in 1 cup warm milk and drink it before going to bed. Body massage with almond oil and smelling it before is also one of the best tip to boost your daily energy level.

Carrots to Boost Female Energy

Peel off 1 kg fresh carrots and crush them then boil it in 1 kg fresh cow milk on low flame. When milk evaporates mash the carrots and add 500 grams fresh butter in it and cook it after 30-45 minutes it will be ready then add ½ kg natural sugar in it. At last add 10 grams almonds, 20 grams walnuts, 50 grams dry coconut powder, 20, grams pistachio. Daily eats 50 grams with lukewarm milk. Best energy booster for all.

Honey Bee to Boost Female Energy

Add 1 teaspoon Bee Honey in 1 cup warm milk and sip it daily before going to bed. Every morning you will feel fresh and active when you will get up.

Coconut Water to Boost Female Energy

Use of green coconut water is considered best energy drink which fulfills mineral level in our body which is the main cause of tiredness.

Best Food to Boost Female Energy

Daily add more protein and carbohydrate food in your plate like fish, nuts, egg, meat, whole grains, beans and fresh fruits/vegetables.
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