Natural food for strong and healthy muscles is great for bodybuilding. You need to increase your weight for muscle growth and always fuel up your body before working out if you want to get effectiveness of your diet. Healthy diet containing both nutrients and healthy fats is best to achieve the goal. Protein rich diet and amino acids are best for muscle building. Plan and schedule your meals out at least 7-8 times during the day with exercise training to add more muscles.Choose diet and training plan wisely in your daily meal plan for healthy and strong muscles.


Figs and Nuts with Milk

Daily having Figs and nut (almonds, pistachio and cashew) milkshake is a best source of protein, fiber and vitamins. A perfect combination to increase your body weight and muscles.

Mango with Ginger Juice

Add 1 teaspoon ginger juice in 1 ripe mango pulp, 250 grams cow milk and 25 grams brown sugar. Daily take it in mango season for 1-2 months. One of the best food tip to have strong and healthy muscles.

Dates Milk Shake

Daily drinking 1 glass dates milk shake with an empty stomach is the best food source to have strong muscles.


Yogurt is a healthful impressive food. Yogurt is an excellent source of zinc, iodine, phosphorus, potassium (which can lower blood pressure), riboflavin and vitamins.Yogurt boosts immune system, Yogurt may increase white cells. It may produce higher levels of immunity boosting interferon. Yogurt is a healthy calorie intake for human body. Vitamin C in Yogurt improves bone density and may help to prevent Osteoporosis and also power to your body muscles.

Omega 3s Foods

Weekly add salmon and tuna in your diet. Both contain on high quality protein and fats. Best supplement for brain and body muscle building.

Lean Meat/Beef

Good source of protein which is best for muscle growth and best for healthy immune system. More protein rich in amino acid for 4-5 months with exercise build measurable muscles.

Wheat Gram

A great source of chromium, that improves glucose level in muscle cells. You can get the extra energy to power through your workout. Wheat gram enhances blood flow to your muscles.
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