An important part of the male genitourinary system which develop some problems with the age but mostly it is normal with the growing age. Prostate inflammatory bacterial infection may lead to prostate cancer. The main function of the prostate is producing sperm and carries the fluid to discharge. Normally prostate problems start after age of 40 and create problems with the bladder which may lead to serious complications in bladder and kidney. The patient may feel pain and burning sensation in genitals and pelvic area while urinating and when ejaculate. Some useful effective home treatments are best to treat this problem at home.

Natural Tips to Reduce Prostate Inflammation

Nigella Seeds and Onion Juice to Reduce Prostate Inflammation

Take 1 cup Onion juice and take ¼ teaspoon of Nigella seeds (kolonji). Daily take Nigella seeds with onion juice with an empty stomach. The best tip to reduce prostate inflammation. Papaya to Reduce Prostate Inflammation Daily eats 50 grams papaya slices with 2-3 pinches black pepper and Nigella seeds powder.

Watermelon to Reduce Prostate Inflammation

Use of watermelon and its juice best to treat underlying problems especially prostate inflammation caused by bacterial infection. Watermelon seeds are as much beneficial for the problem.

Pumpkin Seeds to Reduce Prostate Inflammation

Daily eating pumpkin seeds or use raw pumpkin boiled water is very much beneficial for the problem. Zinc in seeds helps to repair the damaged cells during the problem.

Pineapple to Reduce Prostate Inflammation

Pineapple juice has been found very much effective to treat prostate inflammation. Vitamin C in its best to reduce the inflammation and prove beneficial in relieving the symptoms.

Pomegranate Juice to Reduce Prostate Inflammation

Pomegranate juice is also best to reduce prostate inflammation and infections. Take 100 g pomegranate juice daily for one month to treat prostate problem naturally.

Tamarind and Dry Plum to Reduce Prostate Inflammation

Soak 2 tablespoons of Tamarind and 8-10 dry Plum in 3-4 glasses of water overnight. Next morning strain seeds of tamarind and plum then blend it in a blender. Mix 4-5 tablespoons of Sugar and ½ teaspoon of salt in it. Cool it with ice cubes and drink it 2-3 glasses with an empty stomach. Continued use for 7-8 days have an effective results to reduce prostate inflammation fast and naturally.

Blueberry Juice to Reduce Prostate Inflammation

Daily drink 2-3 glass of Blueberry (Falsa) juice or Cranberry juice with an empty stomach also very effective and best to remove burning urination and can help a lot in the treatment of Urinary Tract Infection and inflammation.
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