You may observe some people blink excessively. Mostly we see this problem with children, it may be the cause of some health and vision problems. Blinking too much can be very irritating and painful. A normal healthy person blink 14-18 times per minutes. Normal eye blinking regulated the amount of tears and helps to moisturize our eyes and protect our eyes. Anxiety or fear, neurological problems, infections, eye allergies, swelling eyelids, over eye makeup, facial muscle problem and fatigue are the main causes of excessive blinking.

Natural Tips to Stop Excessive Eye Blinking

Pomegranate Juice to Stop Excessive Eye Blinking

Take 1 glass Pomegranate juice and leave it in a copper utensil for 5-6 minutes then drink it. The best tip to treat constant eye blinking naturally.

Onion Juice to Stop Excessive Eye Blinking

Take ½ teaspoon Onion juice, ½ teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon rose water and mix them all. Daily use 1 or 2 drops in each eye and feel the difference. But daily make it fresh.

Gooseberry to Stop Excessive Eye Blinking

Daily take 2-3 pieces of preserve of Goose berry (amla ka muraba) with an empty stomach is very beneficial for eye muscles. Vitamin A and C in it is best for the health of your eyes.

Carrots to Stop Excessive Eye Blinking

Carrot preserves or carrot juice with beet-root juice is also best to stop excessive eye blinking.

Spinach to Stop Excessive Eye Blinking

To treat excessive blinking caused by stress use Spinach or spinach soup 2-3 times weekly in your diet. Magnesium in spinach is essential to treat the problem naturally.

Almonds and Cashews Milkshake to Stop Excessive Eye Blinking

Almonds and cashew milk shake is an excellent syrup for strong eye muscles and eyesight. Best tip for diabetes patients who are dealing with excessive eye blinking.

Black Myrobalan to Stop Excessive Eye Blinking

More blinking which produce more tears and inflammation can be treated with Chebula/Black Myrobalan (hareer) preserve. Daily take 1 or 2 chebula with a cup of lukewarm milk with an empty stomach.

Omega 3 to Stop Excessive Eye Blinking

Use salmon (omega 3 fatty fish) or fish oil to power you weak eye muscles and irritation which can be the excessive eye blinking.
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