Thumb sucking is a habit taken up by many small children, as a form or reassurance. Thumb sucking is common at bedtime and at times of stress, but most children grown out of the habit by the age of six or seven. The only serious side effect of continuing the habit beyond this age is that it may force the teeth out of position. In some cases, orthodontic treatment may be necessary once the habit is stopped. We have some natural solutions to stop this habit.

Natural Solutions to Stop Thumb Sucking Habit

Bitter Gourd Paste to Stop Thumb Sucking Habit

Make a paste with bitter gourd peel off and apply this paste on your child’s thumb before going to bed. Within one week of this practice, your child will avoid or even stop sucking thumb.

Cover the Thumb to Stop Thumb Sucking Habit

Wrap the thumb with a cotton cloth piece or cover it with a paint or nail polish. When your child puts the thumb in mouth, its horrible taste will help to stop sucking.

Lemon Juice to Stop Thumb Sucking Habit

To stop thumb sucking put lemon juice on the thumb, then put salt and red chili or black pepper powder.

Hot Sauce to Stop Thumb Sucking Habit

The Louisiana hot sauce application is also an effective and good to stop thumb sucking naturally.

Parents Can Stop Thumb Sucking Habit

Parents who do not like to see children sucking their thumbs are advising to find an alternative: one theory is that a dummy is better, because it can be ‘lost’ once the child is old enough to manage without it. The thumb sucking habit should not be attacked, as this may make the child more insecure and more inclined to suck. However, in older children it is worth discussing the problems of crooked teeth and dental treatment to try to encourage them to give up the habit.
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