Having Periods more than once in a month means that the time between the ovulation and the next menstrual cycle is too short. Normal Menstrual cycle period approximately occur in every 28 days. If it is starts less than 23-24 days than it linked to irregular periods. If periods does not ends for more than a week also called irregularity.
There can be many causes for having period more than once in a month.
Causes for More Than One Period in a Month

  1. Hormonal changes
  2. Anemia
  3. Anxiety
  4. Stress
  5. Birth control Pills
  6. Non healthy diet
  7. Overwork
  8. Heart disease
  9. Inflammatory in Pelvic
  10. Weight loss or weight gain fast
  11. Diabetes
  12. Problematic Ovary

Natural Ways to Treat For Repeat Period in a Month

Vitamins and food rich in Folic Acid are very help full to treat this problem at home

Minerals– Drink a lot of water daily to keep your body from dehydration, which can be a cause of more than one period a month.

Vitamin C/Citrus Fruits – daily use at least 3-4 glasses of citrus juices. It will increase the iron level in your body.

Ginger– Use Ginger tea with lemon and 1 teaspoon honey found very effective to regulate the Menstrual Cycle.

Tamarind and Dried Apricots – Soak 1 tablespoon Tamarind and 5 pieces of Dried Apricot in 2 glass of water overnight. Next morning filter the seed of Tamarind than put it in a blander and add 1 tablespoon Honey and blend it. Drink it daily for 10-15 days it is really effective to regulate Menstrual Cycle. 

Fennel– Boil 1-2 teaspoons in 2 glasses of water for 2-3 minutes and drink this water daily half cup when you are going to sleep. It will improve better circulation to the ovary.

Mint Leaves, Carrot and Grapes Juice – Make a glass of carrot juice and add 4-5 tablespoons of Grapes juice in it blend Mint Leaves 4-5 with carrot juice. Drink this juice daily to improve your ovary strengthen. It is very effective tip for irregular menses.

Papaya– Eat daily with an empty stomach 3-4 slices. It is very effective to stop this problem.

Beef, Meat and Fish – All are very much effective for the treatment of having menses more than once in a month. Zinc, iron and Omega 3 fatty acids produce new blood in your body which is very important to get rid from Anemia.
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