Manicure as important for your hands as facial to your face once a month and also reduce to stress. Because best natural manicure can work to relieve all over tension. If you ignore it your hands lose its beauty and softness. Try to cut out nightshade foods like potato and tomato, which can cause arthritis pain in hands. Your favorite ‘Engagement Ring’  does not attract your partner and friends.  You can do it at home easily just follow these steps for naturally gorgeous hands .

Manicure  for Soft and Beautiful Hands

To Remove Dead Skin Cells

Soak your hands in milk with slat and add few drops of almond oil for 15-20 minutes. Keep rubbing your hands and finger joints with Loofah softly. This will remove dead skin cells of your hands.

Push Back Cuticles

Push back the cuticles towards the base of your nails with cotton wool buds.

Hand Polisher

Mix one tablespoon Hydrogen per Oxide, one tablespoon shampoo, ½ tablespoon salt and 15-20 drops of lemon juice in 2 liter Luke warm water.

Shape Your Nails

After that wash your hands with lukewarm water and shape your nails with a nail filer in round or oval shape very carefully.

Hand Massage

Mix one teaspoon sugar in one teaspoon olive oil or almond oil and massage with it for 2-3 minutes.

Hand Masks

Now for a mask at home you can use Aloe Vera Gel or Mud mask on hands for effective results. Than soak a towel in Luke warm water after wrinkle the towel wrap it on your hands for five minutes at the end push back the edges of your nails with the cuticle pusher, then wear gloves for 1-2 hours.  
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