Brain weakness is the main cause of weak eyesight. The weak eyesight ratio is becoming higher from last 2-3 decades. We can look kids with glasses now a days. Now the question is this Which food promotes and cure eye health or eye sight? What we eat may help protect against cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Vitamins E, A, C and some super food tips can help lower the rate of cataracts and best to improve eyesight.

Natural Tips to Increase and Cure Eye Sight

Almonds and Fennel Seeds

Grind Almond, Fennel seeds and natural sugar in equal quantity of 125 grams. Mix 10 grams black pepper powder in it and keep it in a jar. Take 1 tablespoon with 1 cup warm milk or you can mix it with milk and drink it before going to bed. The best and easy tip to increase eyesight naturally.

Fennel Seeds and Carrot Juice

Dip and soak Fennel seeds (sound) 250 gram in Carrot juice and leave it to dry at room temperature. When the fennel seeds absorb carrot juice and become dry dip it again in carrot juice and leave it to dry. On the third turn when it becomes drier than make powder to it and mix of 250 grams dry Coconut powder in it, 250 grams Almond , 250 gram Natural Sugar (mishri). Keep it in a glass jar with tight lid. Daily take 1 tablespoon 1 hour with a warm cup of cow milk before having your breakfast. The best natural tip to improve your eyesight gradually and stop  decreasing eyesight too.

Coconut, Psyllium and Poppy Seeds

Make a hole in a dried Coconut head and fill it with Psyllium (Ispaghol) and poppy seeds and cover the hole with wheat flour dough. Now fry it in Pure ghee when the dough become dark brown off the flame and place it to cool. Grind it and mix natural sugar to taste in it. Keep it and daily take 1-2 tablespoon with warm milk. The best effective and tested natural tip to increase eyesight. 

Mustard Flower Oil

Daily massage with mustard flower oil on your toe, ear and your hands first finger is one of the best and easy tip to cure decreasing eyesight.

Nigella Seeds Oil

Daily apply 2 drops of Nigella seed oil in each eye is the best and most effective natural tip to cure and increase eye sight. Continued use of Nigella seed oil you and your kids can get rid permanently of glasses.

Gooseberry with Warm Milk

Eat Goose Berry Preserve (Amlaka Moravia) with Luke warm glass of milk daily with an empty stomach is also the best and useful tip to cure and improve eyesight.

Castor Oil

Mix Castor oil in Rose water and is daily applied 2-2 drops in each eye. The magical tip to increase eyesight.

Vitamins to Increase and Cure Eye Sight

Vitamin E:
You Can Find In:
Eggs, sunflower seeds, almonds, kidney beans, red chili powder, pistachios, peanuts, pine nuts, basil and oregano, apricot, green olives, crooked taro roots, mango, papayas, tomato, carrots, sweet potato, spinach, wheat germ and salmon Fish.
Vitamin C:
You Can Find In:
Guavas, oranges, pineapple, red and green chili, bell pepper, parsley, dark leafy green, kiwi, broccoli,  grapefruit, strawberries, broccoli and papaya.
Vitamin A:
You Can Find In:
Liver, butternut squash, grapefruits, Plum, Cantaloupe, Carrots, dried apricot, papaya, watermelon, Sweet Potato, Lettuce, fat  milk and tomatoes
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