Consuming more protein and healthy food is the best way to gain weight and more calories. When the intake of calories exceeds the normal calorie requirement of the body then you gain weight. It’s all up to you how much you can increase your daily intake of calories gradually but it is also best to focus to burn more calories with exercise to get lean body muscles with healthy weight. Our grandfather said “hunger and sleep/rest can be manage and control on your desire”. Unintentional weight loss in children may cause of changes or loss of appetite, anemia, abdominal pain, constipation,  fever and fussiness over certain foods. Excessive or prolonged menses in teenage girls may be the cause of anemia and they will feel weakness, weight loss, laziness, tiredness, headache and poor connections. Natural healthy nutritious foods and specific vitamins, minerals will help you gain weight in a better way within a month.
What's causing Your Weight Loss?
Rapid, unplanned weight loss may be a symptom of a serious disorder.
  • Weight loss with diabetes
  • Excessive urination Unusual thirst 
  • Tiredness 
  • Heavy bleeding periods 
  • Genital Itching 
  • Weight loss with thyroid disorder
  • Sweating Bulging eyes 
  • Lack of energy 
  • Trembling and weakness 
  • Feeling of depression and frustration 
  • Weight loss with digestive tract disorders
  • Lack of appetite
  •  Diarrhea or constipation
  •  Abdominal pain and/or blood in the faeces
  • Weight loss with stress and tension 
  • Low feelings 
  • Loss of interest in sex 
  • Insomnia 
  • Inability to concentrate

Natural Tips to Increase Body Weight Fast

Breakfast for Healthy Body Weight

Start your day with a daily healthy breakfast and never skip your breakfast it may be the basic cause of general weakness and weight loss. Take 1 glass of Pomegranate or apple juice first then take a healthy breakfast with 250-300 calories in your plate. Iron in these juices improves our stomach and liver health and produce new blood in our body. Improves Red Blood Cells in our body. Best to get rid from pale face and general body weakness.

Banana and Roasted Black Chickpeas to Gain Weight

Daily eat 6-12 bananas and 250 g roasted black chickpeas during the day or take 2 bananas with half cup roasted black chickpeas after every 2 hours. Continue it for 2-3 months and after 2 months check your body weight. Daily take 2 Bananas with 1 bowl of plain yogurt in your breakfast is a good addition to improve your body weight.

Jojoba Root Peels to Gain Weight

Boil 5 g jojoba root peel off in 1/4 liter water thoroughly. Strain it then mix sugar to taste in it and drink. Prepare fresh daily, you will see a positive change in your body weight within few days. Very much effective tip for children to gain weight naturally.

Black Currants to Gain Weight

Daily blend 20 g black currants in one glass of fresh milk and drink it daily to improve your body weight naturally.

Figs to Gain Weight

Soak 5-6 dry Figs and 7 Almonds in a cup of water overnight. Next morning mashes these Figs in the same water and peel off almonds then put it in a blender. Add one glass of milk and 2 tablespoons of honey in it. Drink it daily for 1-2 months to get rid of any kind of mental and physical weakness. Also improve Hemoglobin level in our. Take 1 glass daily Beetroot juice with Tomato juice is the best tonic to treat and prevent anemia for all ages and gain weight.

Peanut Butter with Juices to Gain Weight

Add more fruit and vegetables flavored juices that have the 100% nutritional value and contains vitamins and minerals. All fruit juices with vitamin C daily in your diet will remove all the causes of  weakness and Anemia naturally. An addition of peanut butter in juices gives you approximately 195 calories plus which is extra high in protein.

Plum and Tamarind to Gain Weight

Plum is the best natural source to sparkle your hunger (appetite). Daily soak 7 prunes with 30 grams tamarind for overnight. Next morning remove the seeds and blend it. Add sugar to taste and 3-4 pinches of salt in it. The best natural tonic to improve appetite (hunger) for the whole family.

Dates Milkshake to Gain Weight

Dates milk shake is best to improve HB level in your body. Those wanting to improve body weight take 4 Dates and fill it with 4 Almonds for 15 days. After eating these almond filled Dates drink a glass of warm milk.

Grapes to Gain Weight

To increase your body weight or low platelet level eats daily 250 grams fresh Grapes 2 times during the day and take 1 glass warm milk with 1 tablespoon Honey in it. Using this tip for one month continuously will make you healthy and fit. If your child is very weak and did not improve health. Grapes Juice is very much effective in improving health and body weight.

Green Oats to Gain Weight

Eating daily 2 pieces of Green Oats  Preserve on an empty stomach is very much effective to increase weight and  memory.

Ajwa Dates to Gain Weight

Daily eats 7 Ajwa Dates and drink 1 glass of lukewarm milk after it 1 hour before going to bed. Within 2 or 3 months you will find yourself with strong muscles and strong vital organs with an addition of body weight.

Mango to Gain Weight

Daily has taken 2 ripe Mango pulp for 2 weeks best to tonic to treat general body and muscle weakness. One of the best natural tip to gain weight fast.

Almond and Black Currants to Gain Weight

Eating 7-8 Almonds and 7-8 Black Currants daily with a glass of milk is also good to treat general weakness. Also improve low hunger tolerance by improving your digestive track.

Poppy Seeds to Gain Weight

Make a powder with 100 grams blanched Almonds, walnut 100 grams and 100 grams Sesame seeds then add 100 grams Poppy seeds. Boil 50 grams Jaggery in 3-4 tablespoons of water when it becomes thick and sticky turn off the stove. Place it to cool and then add all the ingredients in it. Daily take 1 tablespoon 1-2 hour before going to sleep it will improve your muscle health and body weight.
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