Having bath is one of the important parts of our beauty. In older times women are very conscious about beauty bath and make special arrangements for their healthful beauty bath and body massage. Massage on ear, legs and waist area is the main pillar of our beautiful body. Proper bath makes our face and body skin neat and clean, it also helps our pore to breathe. If we did not take a proper bath it can be the cause of pores blockage. Which can leads to skin problems for us. Having a little massage before taking bath is very beneficial for your beauty.

Natural Tip for a Beauty Bath

Body Massage Before Bath

Massage with Gram flour paste like scrub before ½ hour taking a bath removes all dirt and germs from your skin. Mix Almond oil with Rose water and massage with it 1 hour before taking your bath. The best tip to cure you body and face beauty.

Anti Aging Massage for Beauty Bath

Take 100 grams Rose Water, 100 grams Almond Oil and 100 grams Alum powder. Mix all the ingredients in 4 Eggs white and cook it on low flame. When it becomes a thick and elastin, turn off the stove. Cool it and keep it in a jar. Apply it with a little massage on your face, body and wrinkle area 1 hour before having your bath. The best natural amazing anti aging bath tip for both male and female.

Lemon Juice for Beauty Bath

Mix 10 grams Lemon juice, 20 grams Olive oil and 10 grams Almond oil. Massage with it 2 hours before having your bath or massage with it before going to bed and take your bath next morning is one of the best tip to make your face and body skin gorgeous.

Orange Peels and Sandalwood Powder for Beauty Bath

Make a paste with Orange dry peel off, whole grain, chick beans, sandal wood and fresh milk cream. Massage with this paste on your face and body 2 hours before before taking your regular bath. The best tip to have beauty bath from older times.

Almondette (chironji) for Beauty Bath

Grind Almondette (chironji) in raw milk and rub your body and face with it. Take your normal bath after 10-15 minutes. One of the best and effective tip for bridal beauty bath.

Clean Up Bacterias for Beautiful Skin

Rather you are young or old try to take daily bath. To cure your skin from the whole germs and bacterias just add a little amount of Azadiridh (Neem) leave boiled water and add fresh rose petels in your bath tub for a beautiful skin.

Cool Bath for Strong Muscles

Try to take a cool bath. It will strengthen your body and brain muscles. If you are suffering with a disease you can have a warm bath to consult your physician.

Salted Milk to Improve Body Complexion

Add salt and milk in your bath tub and sitting in it for 10-15 minutes improves your face and whole body complexion.

Remove Skin Dulness

To tighten your skin and to decrease dullness of your face and body skin. Try to have 2 times bath during the day. It will improve your skin texture and also a best tip to look younger.

Perfect Time for a Beauty Bath

Avoid taking a long bath it will makes your skin sensitive. Having 10-15 minutes bath is enough for a normal and effective bath. Avoid to having your bath after taking your meal because your stomach becomes busy after eating food and becomes heated. If you take bath after eating food it can effects your digestive system and your can unconscious. So take your bath before having your meal or take your bath at least one hour.

Rub Your Skin to Clean Skin Open Pores

After having your daily bath rub your body skin with your towel for 2-3 minutes it will improves blood circulation to your skin and clean dirt from open pores.
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