Age, extra weight, masturbation, prolong ejaculation, unhealthy diet, zinc deficiency, smoking and excessive intake of alcohol can be the main causes of thin semen. But lack of proper information can create a major problem for the whole life in young age males. Our sexual health controlled by central nervous system. Using medicines with steroids might be harmful for your physical and sexual health. To thicken sperm naturally add foods rich in Zinc, folic acid, selenium, vitamins and minerals from today.Some effective food home tips with no side effects are best to solve this common problem naturally.

Natural Tips for Thin and Watery Semen

Lady Finger for Thin and Watery Semen

Cut 3-4 Lady’s Finger into small pieces and soak it in a glass of water for overnight. Next morning filter it and drink this water with an empty stomach. Use this tip regularly for one month permanently solve the problem of low sexual stamina. It is also effective in premature ejaculation and watery semen.

Mango Flowers with Milk for Thin and Watery Semen

Dry mango flowers and make a powder. Take half teaspoon daily with one glass of cold milk (better to add water in same quantity in milk). One of the best tips to treat thin and watery semen problem or other sexual problems related to men.

Mango Pulp with Rose Water and Glucose for Thin and Watery Semen

Mix 2 g mango pulp with 2 g rose water and 1 g glucose. Take it 2 times during the day to thicken thin and watery semen naturally. Also best to improve male libido.

Baby Raw Mango for Thin and Watery Semen

Dry baby raw mango (before developing seed) and make a powder. Take 1 g and mix sugar to taste in it and take it with water. Best to treat thin and watery semen problem.

Green Banana for Thin and Watery Semen

Green banana increase energy level, potency and erection  in males. A good source of Potassium, fiber and Vitamin B which increase the energy level and best natural way to thicken watery semen.

Dry Plum and Aniseed for Thin and Watery Semen

Soak 3-4 dry plum in one glass water overnight. Next morning strain water and mix one teaspoon aniseed powder in it. Drink it daily on an empty stomach. Best to treat thin and watery semen problem.

Psyllium Husk with Yogurt for Thin and Watery Semen

Daily eating one bowl of yogurt with 1-2 tablespoons of psyllium husk is one of the best natural tip to thicken watery semen easily. Those who use yogurt daily with their breakfast found healthy without any sexual problem.

Sufaid Musli Powder for Thin and Watery Semen

Mix 8-10 tablespoons of Sufaid Musli powder in 8-10 tablespoons of Natural Sugar. Take ½ teaspoon with water 1 hour before breakfast daily for 1 month. The best tip to strengthen penis muscles and also beneficial for thin and watery semen. Also strengthen your sperm and “Y” chromosomes.

Almonds for Thin and Watery Semen

Soak 7 Almonds and 2 Dry Dates overnight. Next morning grind Almonds, dates, 4 Cardamoms, 7 chilghoza pines and 5 tablespoons of Natural Sugar. Then mix all in 3-4 tablespoons of Cow Butter. Have it with warm milk with an empty stomach. Very much effective to thicken thin semen.

Honey and Mace for Thin and Watery Semen

Boil ½ liter water and add 250 grams Honey in it. Boil it until the water evaporates completely and residues Honey. Then add 2 teaspoons of Mace Powder, 2 teaspoons Cloves Powder and 2 tablespoons of Saffron Powder in it. Mix all in 2-3 tablespoons of Almond Oil and make a thick paste. Daily take it with milk ½ teaspoon 2 times, early morning before breakfast and going to bed. Best tip for thin and watery semen problem.

Apple for Thin and Watery Semen

Peel off a Ripe Apple and prick into fully with Cloves, after 1 week pluck these Cloves and keep them in a glass bottle with lid. Daily take 4-6 Cloves with water early morning with an empty stomach. You will feel the effective difference in days.

Almond Milk Shake for Thin and Watery Semen

Daily drink Almond Milk Shake early morning and after the drinking almond milk shake take a  ripe banana and mash it with one tablespoon cow butter. Eat it daily for 1 month.

Omega 3 for Thin and Watery Semen

Mix 2 tablespoons Honey in 1 glass warm cow milk and sip it. It will power to your physical and sexual organ muscles. Omega-3 fish Oil and Code Liver Oil are one of the best and easiest ways to increase sexual, physical and mental health. Use of Omega 3 not only thicken your semen. Foods rich in vitamin C,E and Zinc are best to enhance and boost sperm quality and quantity naturally.

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