Liver, heart, brain and lung are basic pillars of one's life. Life threatening diseases list " cirrhosis" (Liver Swelling) stand on 12th number. In cirrhosis the liver stops producing cells and begins producing scar tissue instead that calls Fibrosis. These fibrosis caused serious blockage in blood circulation in liver and also effected spleen movement which leads liver cells in its 6 walls damaging and start disturbing liver function and chemical reaction.
Those diseases which can cause damage are Hepatitis A, B, metabolic disorders, alcoholism and autoimmune but hepatitis and excessive use of alcohol are at the top of the list.
Excessive amount of Iron in our body, heavy weight are the most damaging for liver. Tea and coffee can be beneficial for liver and also helps to stop cirrhosis. Use or more protein food, cholesterol and high level of uric acid can cause cirrhosis (liver swelling).
Stages of Enlarged Liver (Cirrhosis)
1. Compensation - Pressure on Blood Vessels
2. Compensation with Varices - Pressure on Blood Vessels and Start Spreading
3. De-compensated Stage - Ascites, blood vomiting or stool and chemicals effect on brain.
Symptoms of Enlarged Liver (Cirrhosis)
  • Weakness and Weak muscles
  • Lack of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of Body Weight
  • Swelling and pain on upper belly
  • Scanty periods in women
  • Breast enlargement in men with pain and lose of libido
  • Enlarged spleen
  • Uric Acid
  • Piles
  • Swelling feet and infections
Cirrhosis/enlarged liver, by its very nature, is difficult to treat. Other than avoiding the cause, treatment is mainly dietary. Choose a diet that gives the remaining liver as little work to do as possible.

Foods to Cure from Cirrhosis (Enlarged Liver)

Jambul, Honey and Carom Seeds for Healthy Liver to Cure from Cirrhosis 

Daily take 5 g jambul, half teaspoon honey with 2 pinches of green carom seeds powder for one month to reduce pressure on blood vessels and to reduce liver swelling naturally. Milk thistle extract of hambula is the best natural liver protector have been shown to reduce damage to liver cells caused by cirrhosis,

Mulberry for Healthy Liver to Cure from Cirrhosis

If you want to make your liver healthier naturally with food. Daily take 250g mulberry (shahtoot) for one month. If you take your blood test before using mulberry and after one month retest and check the difference.

Pear for Healthy Liver to Cure from Cirrhosis

Cooling effects of pear are best to strengthen liver cells and heal liver swelling naturally. Improve patient's hunger naturally. Pear syrup best to stop blood vomiting and blood in stool. It is best to use 50 g pear on an empty stomach early in the morning.

Papaya for Healthy Liver to Cure from Cirrhosis

Best natural way to reduce veins and liver swelling. Daily take at least 50 g papaya to make your liver healthier naturally. Also beneficial to reduce spleen swelling. Or take one raw green papaya and make a hole on top area to extract papaya milk drops. Daily take 8-10 drops daily for 3-4 weeks to treat liver cirrhosis and have a healthy liver for ever.

Guava Leaves Tea for Healthy Liver to Cure from Cirrhosis

To reduce liver swelling guava leaves tea is much effective. Take one gram crushed leaves and boil in one liter water for 2-3 minutes. Take this water during the day. This tea is very much effective to reduce body chemical effects on brain.

Citrus Limetta for Healthy Liver to Cure from Cirrhosis

Using citrus limetta juice daily naturally reduces high uric acid level which causes liver swelling and damaging. Best to add half teaspoon of white cumin.

Sugar Cane Juice for Healthy Liver to Cure from Cirrhosis

Use of sugar cane juice is very beneficial for liver swelling and best to stop blood in vomiting. Sugar cane juice is the only natural way to removing any kind of boils and Fibrosis form liver or even from our whole body.

Dates for Healthy Liver to Cure from Cirrhosis

Dates are the best natural food that gives power to your liver to fight against diseases and cure. Those who use dates daily can be found with healthy liver. Soak 2 dates in one glass water overnight and next morning filter this water and drink it on an empty stomach. After 10-15 minutes eat soaked dates with lukewarm milk.

Grapes for Healthy Liver to Cure from Cirrhosis

Eating grapes is the best natural source to remove excessive level of protein from our body and also best to improve liver function naturally. Never drink water after eating grapes or grapes juice. Grapes are best to reduce liver and veins swelling naturally.

Papaya Seeds and Lime Juice Paste

Dry papaya seeds in sun and make powder, keep in a glass jar. Daily take 1/4 teaspoon powder and make a paste with lime juice. Take it for 5-6 weeks to reduce liver enlargement.

Blueberry Juice for Healthy Liver to Cure from Cirrhosis

To make your liver healthier use blueberry juice daily in season. Blueberry is also best to reduce liver swelling naturally. To get rid from heated liver burn blueberries on a heated pan and make a powder. Daily take 3 pinches of this powder 2 times in a day. Best to treat this liver condition naturally without any side effect.

Carom Seeds and Nigella Seeds Oil for Healthy Liver to Cure from Cirrhosis

Soak 1 g carom seeds in water for 24 hours than strain it and add only 10 drops of nigella seeds oil in it. Within 4-5 days liver function will be improved and reduces swelling naturally.
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